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500+ Articles on Gamstop, Gamcare, Gamban & Principles of Self-Exclusion

In recent months, we have created 500+ articles and blogs on self-exclusion schemes under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). This also includes detailed discussions on softwares and mobile Apps such as Gamban,  Betfilter,  Netnanny,  Gamblock, etc which are devised to stop punters from accessing gambling sites and casinos via mobiles, laptops, and other hand-held devices.

We have also written extensively on forums and regulatory bodies that monitor sports betting such as The Betting and Gambling council (BGC), Professional Footballers Association (PFA), EGBA iGaming Regulator Body In Europe, ASA or Advertising Standards Authority, etc. My recent experience also covers regulatory acts and policies such as The Computer Misuse Act of 1990, the Police and Justice Act of 2006, the Serious Crime Act of 2015, the Gordon Moody Association, the Casino Control Association Act of 1990, etc.

Some of the Key Article Topics Around UK Self-Exclusion and GamBan are as follows:

  1. English Premier League Starts Relationships with GamStop.
  2. UKGC Credit Card Ban in Casinos: How the Decision Was Taken?
  3. GamStop Suspended PlayerFT Licence.
  4. How Does Gambling Sponsorship Influence NBA?
  5. How NFL Athletes Could Support Responsible Gambling?
  6. KYC and Betting Operators: What Documents To Prepare Before Placing a Bet?
  7. How Roma Can Support Gamblers and Their Fans?
  8. Sports Betting Intelligence Unit (SBIU) – a division of the Gambling Commission.
  9. An insight into Gambling Regulatory Bodies – Professional Footballers Association (PFA), The Betting and Gambling council (BGC), ASA or Advertising Standards Authority, National Centre for Behavioural Addictions (NCBA)
  10. The Betting and Gambling council (BGC). Its role in protecting the youth from exposure to gambling advertisements in English Premier League and the English Football League.
  11. Reviews on restrictions around Gambling endorsements imposed on football clubs and agencies such as Professional Footballers Association (BFA), English Premier League and the English Football League, Luton Town Football Club, Middlesbrough Football Club, etc.
  12. UK Legislation Acts to curb Problem-Gambling: The Computer Misuse Act of 1990, the Police and Justice Act of 2006, and the Serious Crime Act of 2015.
  13. Articles on Forums and Charities helping Problem Gamblers – Gamblers Anonymous, Gordon Moody Association, etc.
  14. Sports Betting in the UK: Facts & Figures.
  15. A Detailed Article on Luton Town FC Partnered with Gamstop.
  16. A Detailed Article on The Data Shed Partnered with Gamstop
  17. Curacao eGaming Vs. UKGC – A Comparative Review.
  18. UK Banking restrictions on Gambling transactions – Lloyds Banking Group, HSBC, Monzo, Cashplus, Barclays.

The Key Highlights of Our Content Research Around Self-Exclusions, Software & Forums:

A survey conducted by the National Gambling Treatment Service in 2020 showed that only 9008 people received help and care till March 2020 which is about 3% of addicts. England consists of around 280,000 gambling addicts in England according to a study by NHS Digital in 2018. A survey by YouGov stated that there are around 1.4 million problem gamblers across the UK in 2020. Among the people who were receiving treatment in 2020, 45% of them were in serious debt of more than $6800. UK Finance estimated that out of 10.5 million online gamblers, 800,000 use credit cards to clear their debt.

In 2019, the global online gambling industry was valued at $53.7 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR( compound annual growth rate) of 11.5% from 2020 to 2027. Irrespective of the covid 19 breakout, the online gambling revenue in 2020 was $66.67 billion. 2021 has shown a 60% increase in the market presence of mobile casino players.  The market value of online gambling is expected to grow to $100 billion by 2026. Covid 19 had driven 64% of worldwide gamblers to gamble online and around 96% of online gamblers prefer to gamble staying at home.

Gamstop Explained:

The Remote Gambling Association (RGA), the world’s largest online gambling trade association, created GamStop in the year 2018. It is one of the most effective self-exclusion schemes and is run by the  National Online Self Exclusion Scheme Limited or NOSES. GamStop is linked with online gambling platforms in the UK, England, Scotland, and Wales

GamStop reported earlier this year that they noted a rise in the number of consumers, including more than 55,000 women registered to self-exclude themselves from online gambling, compulsive habits brought about mostly at the beginning of COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020. Currently, more than 25% of women are registered under GamStop.  Over 250,000 punters have chosen to self-exclude from online gambling till 2021. With more than 67,000 sign-ups in 2021, it saw a spike from 51,000 in 2020. Out of the total number of registrations, 228,000 are actively using the service. 70% of registrants of Gamstop in 2021 were men whereas the number of women signing up has increased to 30%. 43% of the registrants were aged between 25 and 34 and 50% of registrations in 2021 had chosen the exclusion period of 5 years which is the maximum. 24% chose a year of exclusion whereas 26% had chosen 6 months of exclusion.

Other Acts, Regulations, and Collaborations

In 2006, under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act the transactions related to online gambling made through any U.S. bank were made illegal. GamCare operates the National Gambling Helpline.

For supporting the purpose of customer empowerment, a campaign called ‘Bettor Safe’ was launched by Conscious Gaming in order to educate people about lawful online betting which is properly executed and regulated using informational blogs and advertisements. 

The Sports Betting Intelligence Unit (SBIU), a division of the Gambling Commission, acts as a tie with both the sports governing bodies as well as the betting industry. 

All licensed and regulated casinos are tested by independent third-party companies like Technical Systems Testing (TST) which is now owned by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI). Casinos collaborate with independent audit firms such as eCORBA labs, GamCare, or Gaming Laboratories International to upkeep their reputation as fair casinos. All casinos have an RTP value. The RNG (Random Number Generator) system ensures fairness.

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) is a trade association based in Brussels that represents all the online gambling and betting operators excelling in their game in the online gambling industry.

Safer Internet Day is an initiative taken by the European government in order to promote a healthier environment on the web for all ages and kinds with a focus on safeguarding minors and waving the flag of safeguarding citizens nationwide.

SENSE Exclusion for Land-Based Casinos: Launched in the year 2015, the Self Enrollment National Self Exclusion Scheme enables people to enroll in an exclusive program that involves themselves being banned from all the land-based casinos in the UK.

Betblocker Explained: Betblocker is gambling-specific software for restricting entry into gambling sites. Currently having access to more than 13613 sites.

Gamblock Explained: Gamblock is a blocking software running on the most advanced technology in the current market. It is available to business agencies, corporates as well as individuals where the exclusion ranges from one month to five years.

GambleAware is a non-profit organization (NGO) that provides preventative measures and treatment services for gambling addiction. GambleAware is accessible throughout England, Scotland, and Wales in collaboration with expert organizations and agencies, such as the National Health Services (NHS).

Gamblers Anonymous is another forum that started due to a meeting between two men in January 1957. These two men had a history of a series of troubles and misery due to obsessive gambling habits. As a result, the first group meeting was held in September 1957 in Los Angeles and since then, the fellowship has been growing steadily and helping people recover from gambling addictions. 

Gordon Moody Association is a charity developed in 1971 that has about 50 years of experience in providing residential support and a line of treatment to problem gamblers who are adversely affected by gambling and are on the edge. This association has two residential treatment centers: the first one in Midlands and the second one at the London/Kent borders.

ACT party, a liberal party with right-wing ideals in New Zealand, released their policies on the idea of putting restrictive measures for Gang members in order to curb their expenditure on gambling their spending.

As a publicly listed company operating in 42 different regulated jurisdictions around the world, INTRALOT is a leading gaming solution provider and operator. The World Lottery Association has awarded Intralot the prestigious Responsible Gaming Framework certification. The company has also obtained certification under the WLA Security Control Standard.

Gamstop Collaborations With Corporates & Institutions: Awareness Campaigns

Sportsbooks and casinos offered various deals to the football clubs like sponsorship, partnership, bespoke, VIP membership, match day deals, etc. Such deals gave the football clubs financial backing by covering various expenses of football kits, jerseys, advertisements, marketing, banners, venues, etc.

Popular football clubs such as Luton Town Football Club and Middlesbrough Football Club have been proactively associated with GamStop since the United Kingdom Gambling Commission revised its rules in March 2020. Crystal Palace FC, the South London-based club was the first EPL football club to officially join GamStop as partners in an agreement.

Collaboration with Associazione Sportiva Roma (A. S. Roma)

Associazione Sportiva Roma (A. S. Roma), commonly known as Roma, is a professional football club based in Rome that has millions of fans worldwide. By partnering with Roma, GamStop hopes to promote more awareness of self-exclusion and responsible gambling. Furthermore, the partnership with Roma will allow GamStop to reach millions of football fans and also make it easier for it to partner with other big clubs.

Professional Footballers Association (PFA) and other sports bodies have taken many revolutionary measures to safeguard punters from running into bad debts.

The Betting and Gambling Council (BGC) has set up new rules in order to protect the youth from getting exploited due to witnessing any form of gambling advertisements. The trading body had written to the English Premier League and the English Football League.

PlayerFT, a fantasy football company, failed to incorporate the GAMSTOP self-exclusion program. PlayerFT voluntarily relinquished its operating license to the UKGC on July 8 in response to the ban. Reportedly, the suspension is in effect awaiting the outcome of a review being conducted by the UKGC.

EGBA iGaming Regulator Body In Europe: The European Gaming & Betting Association or EGBA is a Brussels-based trade association that represents the leading online betting and gaming operators established, regulated, and licensed in the EU. It was established in 2017 to replace the European betting association of 2003. It was founded by 7 leading operators in Europe Bet-at-home; Interwetten Gaming Limited; Party Gaming; Digibet; Bwin; Carmen Media Group; Expekt Sportwetten.EGBA is a nonprofit organization that works together with national and EU regulatory authorities along with other stakeholders towards a well-channeled and well-regulated online gambling market. EGBA aims to create a uniform online gaming industry for all gaming operators across Europe to offer their services across the continent.

Gambling Regulator European Forum: Gambling Regulator European Forum or GREF is an organization that has over 30 years of experience. The organization is a base on which members gather knowledge and share experiences with regard to gambling. GREF aims at providing useful references, and materials and be the source of comments on issues regarding gambling and online casinos.

ASA or Advertising Standards Authority is the UK’s independent regulator for advertisements. It ensures that advertisements across the UK media obey the Advertising Codes laid down. The Committee of Advertising Practice or CAP is a component of the ASA and is responsible for jotting down the Advertising Codes. The UKGC announced its team-up in 2018 with ASA and CAP for introducing and reinforcing the rules for advertisements and sports sponsorships, especially from casinos and gambling bodies.

The National Centre for Behavioural Addictions (NCBA) includes many clinics for treating gambling problems. NCBA includes The National Problem Gambling Clinic, Young Persons’ Problem, and The National Centre for Gaming Disorders.

The NFL Players Association or NFLPA has launched a new program in order to promote responsible gambling among former players. The foundation has partnered with the GVC foundation in the US and EPIC Risk Management in order to run the program and promote responsible gambling and sports integrity. EPIC Risk Management is a gambling harm minimization consultancy that works hand in hand with the NFL and co-hosts seminars throughout the US. The league had fought against New Jersey’s legal challenge or the PASPA or Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act stating that it expanded legal sports betting which could be harmful to the integrity of the games.

Lloyds Banking Group, HSBC, Monzo, Cashplus, and Barclays are some of the collaborating banks that are capable of authorizing block transactions in case of gambling online. More than 5 million people in the UK are users of Monzo accounts and one of its most prominent features of it is allowing customers to block gambling transactions and providing them with tools to help them bar themselves from transactions on debit cards.

It is revealed certain figures that approximately 2.1 billion people around the world transact via e-Wallets and the growth in mobile wallet users has reached a peak of 140 million. Apart from speed, these wallets are free, private, secure, and easy to use. The e-Wallet industry is estimated to take over the gaming market in a few years. It is forecasted to become a market worth $92.9 billion by the year 2023.

Many clubs like Arsenal, Norwich City, Nottingham Forest, Manchester City, etc were given notice in order to stop promoting gambling.

The most recent Rugby team to have a live casino website as their sponsor is the Leicester Tigers and the other team, Premiership Rugby League has an official betting sponsor. 

Any misuse of computer systems leading to an offense is addressed by The Computer Misuse Act 1990 which is part of legislation in the UK. Other similar policies include the Police and Justice Act of 2006, the Serious Crime Act of 2015, etc.

Licensing Authorities and Their Decisive Role

The Malta Gambling Authority Or MGA: This Gambling authority was founded in 2001 and was initially known as the Lotteries and Gaming Authority which was later revised in the year 2015. MGA has more than 500 sites under its licenses.

The Gibraltar Betting And Gambling Association Or GBGA: The GBGA represents the operations of online gaming in Gibraltar and is a trade association operating since January 2005.

The Isle Of Man Gaming Commission: This commission is one of the oldest gambling regulatory bodies that are still operational today. It was founded in 1962 and is responsible for the regulations and licensing of all online as well as brick-and-mortar casinos on the island. 

Alderley Gambling Control Commission: The AGCC was founded in May 2000 and is a popular license provider for online gambling. In 2018, additional rules were included by this jurisdiction in order to ensure trustworthy, crime-free gambling platforms. Licenses for B2B and B2C customers are offered.  

Curacao eGaming Authority is known as the oldest in the industry and has operated since the year 1996. It not only carries a reputation of being trustworthy and reliable but is also a part of the Curacao Ministry of Justice. The services provided are cost-effective charging as low as 4% for the annual fee on the profit of each operator.

Region and Country Specific Laws/ Policies Around Responsible Gambling

Countries and Places With Gambling Laws and Acts

The year 2012 saw the emergence of legalized gambling when Delaware declared itself free from the ban after the passing of the Delaware Gaming Competitiveness Act. In the following year, Nevada came second in the race to legalize online gambling followed by New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The online gambling market for poker was completely shut down in the USA in the year 2011.

The state of Pennsylvania declared it legal for punters in the state to opt for online sports betting, online casinos, and online poker in 2019. It is mostly the famous land-based casinos that spread their venture in the online form. HB 271 in 2017 signed by Governor Tom Wolf made it legal and accessible. 

Israel has some of the strictest legal decrees against any gambling-related activities. According to the Israel Penal Law, section 5737-1977 (Penal Law) – all sorts of betting, lotteries, and gambling conducted by external organizations, are regarded as illegal.

ARJEL, France’s new online gambling authority.

Legislation Of The Online Casinos in the USA

The Federal Wire Act of 1961 was a US Federal law that prohibited interstate gambling. Legal online gambling was non-existent before 2011, in the US. In 2011, a memorandum was issued by the Department of Justice, where the interpretation of the 1961 Federal Wire Act was altered to verify that the Federal Wire Act was only applicable to sports betting.

  • Delaware: The first state in the US to legalize gambling in Delaware
  • Nevada: The second state to legalize gambling in the US is Nevada
  • New Jersey: The third state in the US to legalize gambling is New Jersey. 
  • Pennsylvania: The fourth state on the list to legalize gambling is Pennsylvania.
  • West Virginia: The fifth state on the list to legalize gambling is Pennsylvania.
  • Michigan:  The state to legalize gambling in 2019 is Michigan.
  • Connecticut: The most recent state to legalize gambling is Connecticut.

New Zealand Fighting Gambling Problems

NZ Specific Gambling & Gambling Exclusion Articles delivered So Far:

  • Responsible Gambling Tools Kiwis Should Be Aware Of.
  • Casino Payment Methods With Lowest Fees: Explained for Kiwis.
  • How Kiwis Can Benefit From eWallets in iGaming?
  • Wagering Requirements: Explained for Kiwis
  • Top Kiwis Bookmaker For Cricket Fans

Gaming Machines Profit (GMP)

Despite the restrictions and shutdowns due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the NZ market was able to quickly recover it. According to the press release in 2020-2021, the Gaming Machines Profit or GMP recorded a massive $252 million across 14,782 pokie machines excluding casinos. This figure has been the highest amount since records started being made in 2007. Between December 2019 and 2020, there was a 13.6% drop in the GMP. In 2020, a reduction in gaming machines and venues like bars, pubs, and clubs was noticed. Despite a $9 million growth from September to December 2020 with a 3.7% growth, the market had an overall drop of 13.6% from 2019 which decreased the GMP of 2020 by $128 million.

Fighting Gambling Addictions

In New Zealand, gambling is managed by The Gambling Commission which is monitored by the Department of Internal Affairs. Queenstown in New Zealand has been the largest gambling city offering 161 slots, video poker machines, and 12 table games for punters. Sky City Auckland is the largest land-based casino in the country which is in Auckland.

A report on New Zealand’s gambling expenditure in the session 2017-18 revealed that the country’s gambling expenditure reached 1.58 billion US dollars in poker machines and other poker variants. Moreover, the government spent additional 350 million dollars on TAB and class 3 gaming contributed 17 million dollars at the end of 2018.

New Zealand has created the world’s first app to assist people who wish to decrease gambling damage. People who feel their gambling is no longer enjoyable are being encouraged to test the app for a period of 12 weeks as part of a countrywide trial to determine whether it may help them reduce or stop gambling. The Manaaki smartphone app was created by Auckland University’s National Institute for Health Innovation, with help from Hpai Te Hauora, a gambling addiction harm prevention organization, and Deakin University in Australia

Organizations such as Raukura, Gambling Helpline, Oasis, and Hiringa Hauora created special programs and services for helping the affected individuals.

National Gambling Study (NGS) was the first New Zealand survey about gambling and attitudes toward gambling. It was organized by the AUT Gambling and Addictions Research Centre. The NGS started in 2021 and has been collecting data since then. The sample number of people numbered over 7000 people.

A brick-and-mortar casino must have a minimum age of 20 or older to participate in gambling under the Gambling Act of 2003. In order to place a bet on sports, buy scratch cards, and play the lottery, you must be 18 years old or older. the Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1977 and the Casino Control Association Act of 1990 became the primary gambling laws in New Zealand, harmonizing the gambling regulatory framework. In early 2002, Parliament introduced the Responsible Gambling Bill, which aimed to prevent and minimize harm from gambling exposure in New Zealand while controlling gambling growth.

Online Safety Tips for Children, Teens, and Parents


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