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Sudden Death: Are We Prepared Enough?

How prepared are we to embrace the sudden death of someone very close? Husband, wife, father, mother, brother or children? People, who are above the peripheries of social relations and sentiments. People on whom we are directly dependent. People who comprise your core daily support system. Pardon me for being brutally honest. Sudden untimely demise is always tragic. Beyond emotional

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What Drives You Out Of Bed Every Morning? Alarm or Passion for Work?

Imagine 3 AM on a cold winter night, while you sleep tucked into a warm and cozy bed. Pure bliss, isn’t it? But, then you gradually start feeling a strong pressure to relieve yourself. You need to pee. As the pressure mounts, you toss and turn, wishing that your bladders never existed. That’s life. Mostly unpredictable and brutal. Unless you

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Picking​ the Right Writer: Impact Vs. Vocabulary

As commercial writers, our target audiences mostly comprise of business users or customers. A typical sales funnel dwells on organic leads searching for certain services or products – Ranging from casino reviews and Bitcoin blogs to Chiropractic clinics and natural nutrition tips.  Hence, our writing predominantly should be appealing enough to grab the right attention and mobilize customer onboarding. The

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Religions So Smeared With Blood, Scandals & Corruptions: Where’s the Faith?

What is a religion? Religion is a set of principles and regulations that possibly lead us to the Almighty. A sort of guidebook which was formulated by enlightened holy men who graced the earth centuries back. The originals and frontrunners. They practiced a life of selflessness and sacrifice. They preached to the mass about kindness and forgiveness. Religions were born

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The Truth Behind ‘Overnight Success’

The stories of overnight success often fascinate us. Overnight success as entrepreneurs, authors, actors, and doctors. One mammoth deal. One chart-topper bestseller. One super-hit film. One miraculous surgery. In the case of start-up entrepreneurs or actors, incidents of overnight success are slightly less impossible. One good judgment or one good movie could turn out to be a major success and

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Should You Dump Old Clients & Look at Better Prospects?

Most of us are opportunists – In a constant endeavor to push ourselves up against the epitome of success and recognition. And understandably, we are always looking for quick prospects and greater opportunities. In the process, we tend to start ignoring people who believed in us when we hardly had any credibility. Years back, when we just got started. As

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