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The Mysterious “Black Dot” on Chandrayan 2: ISRO Explains, NASA Confirms.

The International media and social media gurus seemed baffled to notice a massive round black dot on the recently launched Chandrayan 2, the second lunar exploration mission by the Indian Space research Organization (ISRO). The huge black dot smeared on the front face of the space vehicle looked like a hasty last-minute patchwork. Social media was abuzz with theories that

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Wasting Proposal Credits (Connects) on Upwork: The Pitfalls of Unresponsive Clients

Any freelancer on Upwork or other leading platforms would be entitled to free monthly proposal credits or Connects, that could be used to place proposals/bids for projects. Unfortunately, the era of free credits is over. From the month of May, Freelancing platform giant Upwork would charge $0.15 per “Connect”. This new regulation was announced today by the company CEO Stephane Kasriel. This brings us to

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Now Spend At least $9 to Buy the Usual 60 Connects/Month on Upwork

From May 2019, freelancing project platform giant Upwork would charge $0.15 per “Connect”. That means, at least $9 a month if you still stick to your old habits of 60 Connects. We discussed it in our last blog here. Here’s the mighty twist. You might soon be forced to use up more than 2 Connects to place bids on a project. So, you end

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Upwork to Charge $0.15 Per “Connect”: End of the Freebie Era

Freelancing platform giant Upwork would charge $0.15 per “Connect”. This new regulation was announced this week by the company CEO Stephane Kasriel. From the month of May, the 60 free “Connects” per month, wouldn’t be free anymore. For those of you still wondering, “Connects” are free credits that were available to place your proposal for projects on Upwork. A freelancer typically needs 2 “Connects”

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Content Writing is Mostly About Frantic Internet Digging

The span and coverage of commercial writing could be bizarrely diverse. For example, while you were conveniently on the verge of wrapping up an assignment on Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin wallets, a new project lands into your kitty. Academic blogs on Blepharoplasty. What’s that? Blepharoplasty is the surgical reconstruction of your eye-lids – Often termed as cosmetic “Eyelid Lift Surgery”. Thankfully,

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Happy 2nd Birthday Son!! It’s time to join the competition.

Son. We just celebrated your second birthday. You officially stepped into the “Child” category from the tender “Infant” bracket. And it’s time to prepare yourself to join the competition. Let me enlighten you with some of my profound wisdom on the competition. Well, it’s like one of your remote controlled cars. Every kid of your age has one of these. How

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