Exchange & Trading Platforms

One of the easiest and most prevalent platforms to buy Bitcoin is through a very popular Cryptocurrency portal such as Coinbase, CoinMama, Bitstamp, and Avatrade.  We wrote numerous blogs on how these platforms can be used to buy and trade Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

User-guides for Coinbase and Avatrade trading platforms:

  • Registering your Coinbase Account.
  • The two-step authentication process for Coinbase Account.
  • Adding a Payment Method to your Coinbase Account.
  • Verify your Bank Account – Instant Verification vs. Deposit Verification.
  • Updating KYC to your Coinbase Account.
  • How to Buy Bitcoin using Credit Card?
  • How to Buy Bitcoin using PayPal?
  • Creating an Account in Avatrade.
  • Depositing Funds into your Avatrade Account.
  • Trading Interface at Avatrade.

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Latest assignment: Best Bitcoin Exchanges 2017: Snippets and key coverage:

Our latest work pertained to an elaborate 5000 words review: “Best Bitcoin Exchanges 2017” –

  • Why do Bitcoin Exchange rates vary?
  • Steps Before you choose a Bitcoin Exchange
  • The liquidity offered by the Bitcoin Exchange
  • The Famous MtGox Hack
  • Keeping your Bitcoin Wallet Safe
  • Reviews of Coinbase Bitcoin Exchange, LocalBitcoins Bitcoin Exchange, Gemini Bitcoin Exchange, etc.

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Other Financial Domains: 

We have been writing on various genres and niches pertaining to fiat and cryptocurrencies, home mortgages, Investment appraisals, tips for buying homes, and health insurance.

1. Tips For Buying Health Insurance
2. Factors To Be Consider Before Purchasing Car Insurance Policy.
3. 10 Tips To Choose A Home Mortgage & Credit Card
4. Blogs on Return on Capital Employed (ROCE), Discounted Payback Period, Net Present Value, Adjusted Present Value, Profitability Index, etc.
5. Advantages & Disadvantages of Cost Benefit Analysis,
5. Advantages & Disadvantages of Cost-Effective Analysis.
5. What Is Income Protection Insurance
6. Amazing User Experience of Leading Financial Apps

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