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The Truth Behind ‘Overnight Success’

The stories of overnight success often fascinate us. Overnight success as entrepreneurs, authors, actors, and doctors. One mammoth deal. One chart-topper bestseller. One super-hit film. One miraculous surgery. In the case of start-up entrepreneurs or actors, incidents of overnight success are slightly less impossible. One good judgment or one good movie could turn out to be a major success and

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The Prelude To a Professional Suicide

“The Great Social Comparison Syndrome” – Your social success and repute are measured in relative to your peers and extended circles. So when your forsake your “financially stable” salaried job and, pursue the entrepreneurship dreams, you expose yourself to unwarranted social scrutiny.  Visions, passions, and dreams don’t matter. As long as you don’t have the financial fluency to compete with your peers and

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When You are Not Famous…Or Rich !!

From “No One” to “Some One”

The world pays keen attention and ponders over your visionary concepts only when you are “someone”. Else, you are just a neighborhood fellow trying to talk smart. We are too busy with our daily routines and struggles. Not too many can afford to spend their leisure hours deeply reflecting on what you “preached”. Unless you need to have a high-paying job. You should have an

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