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# 2.​ Did I Impact Lives?​ A​​ Little Maybe.

Recap: # 1.​ Conventionally Unsuccessful So Far Let me answer questions that weren’t asked. So you are already aware, that my professional life hasn’t been anything exciting yet. It’s stereotypical and regular. I haven’t traveled abroad. Within domestic boundaries, I haven’t even been to the southern states which are supposedly the goldmines of IT. I, therefore, don’t fit into the

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# 1.​ Conventionally Unsuccessful So Far

Apparently, your career as a software professional is considered relatively unsuccessful, if you haven’t traveled aboard on work assignments. And rightly so. Almost each of my friends and relatives has their Instagram’s brimming with Eifel Tower or the Niagara. The sun-kissed beaches and pristine mountains contribute towards an eventful life.  These folks have stories to tell and memories to share.

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