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The Mysterious “Black Dot” on Chandrayan 2: ISRO Explains, NASA Confirms.

The International media and social media gurus seemed baffled to notice a massive round black dot on the recently launched Chandrayan 2, the second lunar exploration mission by the Indian Space research Organization (ISRO). The huge black dot smeared on the front face of the space vehicle looked like a hasty last-minute patchwork. Social media was abuzz with theories that

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Happy 2nd Birthday Son!! It’s time to join the competition.

Son. We just celebrated your second birthday. You officially stepped into the “Child” category from the tender “Infant” bracket. And it’s time to prepare yourself to join the competition. Let me enlighten you with some of my profound wisdom on the competition. Well, it’s like one of your remote controlled cars. Every kid of your age has one of these. How

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Sudden Death: Are We Prepared Enough?

How prepared are we to embrace the sudden death of someone very close? Husband, wife, father, mother, brother or children? People, who are above the peripheries of social relations and sentiments. People on whom we are directly dependent. People who comprise your core daily support system. Pardon me for being brutally honest. Sudden untimely demise is always tragic. Beyond emotional

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Religions So Smeared With Blood, Scandals & Corruptions: Where’s the Faith?

What is a religion? Religion is a set of principles and regulations that possibly lead us to the Almighty. A sort of guidebook which was formulated by enlightened holy men who graced the earth centuries back. The originals and frontrunners. They practiced a life of selflessness and sacrifice. They preached to the mass about kindness and forgiveness. Religions were born

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Bangalore based IT Professional Arrested. Caused Irreparable Psychological Damage to Project Manager

Shiv Kumar Chatur, a 24 years old software engineer working at a Bangalore based IT firm, has been arrested last night from his rented apartment. He has been accused of causing mental trauma and irreparable psychological damage to his project manager Mr. M Podugu. The police charged him with section 377 of the Indian Penal Code after the company’s HR

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Facebook Shutting Down: Mayhem & Chaos Grips The World.

According to unconfirmed reports, popular social networking site Facebook is shutting down its global operations. A staggering 2.23 Billion Facebook users worldwide would be impacted. As mayhem, grief and identity crisis grips the world, Governments across several Nations are stepping up preparations to tackle apocalyptic outbreaks. In India, the News went viral on WhatsApp, leading to widespread chaos and mob

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