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From recreational Lebron James strains to medical marijuana and Omega Fatty Acid CBD supplements, we have written on the list of lifestyle diseases that could be treated with CBD Oil, Hemp powder and Oil tinctures. We have also written extensively on the Cannabis harvesting, Wet and Dry Trimming Process and associated soil requirements for smoother leaves.

Marijuana used to be listed under the scheduled drugs category not very long ago. However, recent medical studies have established its multiple benefits and low to no addiction tendencies in it, leading to its legalized use.


From Cannabis Bath Bombs and Weed Popsicles to Medical Marijuana:

Assignments on Recreational Marijuana (CBD):

  • Lebron James Strain and Medical Cannabis.
  • CBD bath bomb recipe: How to Make Easy Cannabis-Infused Bath Bombs.
  • How to Make Weed Popsicles – Nicely Medicated!
  • How To Make Marijuana Rice Crispy Treats.
  • Does Eating and Smoking Marijuana Produce the Same Effects?
  • Smoking weed: how much is too much?

Assignments on Medical Marijuana (CBD / Hemp Oil / Hemp Protein Powder):

CBD oil contains a concentration of cannabidiol or CBD and is extracted from the Hemp plant, which is remarkably useful for humans. Hemp plants are basically a form of the industrially cultivated cannabis plant. However, this plant contains a very low amount of cannabinoids. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are two of the most common of them. We have been composing blogs on Hemp powder and Oil tinctures as a rich source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids and protein.

  • Blogs: From Chronic Pain to Epilepsy: CBD Oil – Exciting and Versatile Treatment Option.
  • Blogs: CBD Based Medicinal Products – Forms, Types, and Use (Vaping, Capsules and Pills, Oils and Tinctures)
  • Articles: Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Cannabidiol drug Edpidiolex.
  • Blogs: CBD and the Body- What does CBD Oil Treat Physically?
  • Journals: Water Soluble Hemp Powder vs Oil Tincture.
  • Blogs: CBD Oil as a Source of Omega Fatty Acids. (Safe alternative to Fish Oil).
  • Blogs: Treating Postpartum Depression With Marijuana.
  • CBD Oil: Treating Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injury/Disease, Severe Arthritis, Epilepsy, ADD/ADHD, etc
  • Does Marijuana Kill Your Brain Cells? Does Marijuana Cause Cancer?
  • How CBD oil can Improve Your Sex Life. (tetrahydrocannabinol – THC and its psychoactive effects)
  • CBD Oil for Diabetes: Exploring the Facts (17% decrease in insulin resistance levels)


The Endless Benefits of CBD Oil

The versatility of CBD oil may well be it’s the best attribute. We tell you what does CBD oil treat, how you should use it, and what medications it might replace.

Epilepsy and Seizures

Epidiolex, a purified CBD extract was put to use as approved by the FDA for the treatment of epilepsy in two rare conditions typified by epileptic seizures in 2018. After much research and positive evidence, doctors in the US can prescribe Epidiolex for Lennox- Gastaut syndrome and Davet syndrome. Both conditions affect kids up to 5 years of age and are characterized by frequent seizures. Other neurological symptoms like neuronal injury, psychiatric diseases and neurodegeneration can also be treated with CBD.

Multiple Sclerosis

An oral spray containing CBD that goes by the name of Sativex can be effective in reducing muscle spasticity, tightness, improve urination frequency and ease pain in people with multiple sclerosis.

Parkinson’s Disease

Even though the evidence of CBD against PD is scant, the research is promising in this regard. A small study proved that CBD considerably helped improve pain and uncontrolled tremors. In 2009, a study was conducted wherein individuals with PD and psychotic symptoms were treated with CBD. It showed that the compound successfully reduced the severity of hallucinations and delusions with no adverse effects. Later studies also proved that CBD could improve the quality of sleep and life of an individual with PD.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia

CBD can remove dementia from the brain cells by reducing inflammation, by functioning as a neuroprotectant and brain stimulant and by reducing oxygen build-up. This effectively will relieve the individual from stress, anxiety and reducing memory.


The compounds in CBD exhibit vasodilation and neuroprotection properties that aid in the conservation and cure of glaucoma.

CBD and the Body- What does CBD Oil Treat Physically?

  • Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD could be an effective cure for acne as well. The compound also has the ability to diminish sebum production. 
  • According to some recent reports on rats and mice, Cannabidiol can be used to treat symptoms and the side effects of cancer such as acute pain, nausea, and vomiting. Some animal and test-tube studies have also shown that CBD might possess anti-cancer properties. 
  • CBD can also enhance bone structure as it works on developing bone density, strengthens the collagen “bridge” and stops bone diseases. 
  • Furthermore, CBD not only has painkilling and spasm reducing properties but also improves motor function in patients with spinal cord injuries.  
  • CBD has the potential to lower high blood pressure.

CBD has proved to lessen the incidence of diabetes in diabetic mice 6. Researchers are extending their scopes to study the impact of CBD on human type 2 diabetes.

Articles on Cannabis Yield, Trimming Process, Flushing and Lollipopping of Cannabis

Our knowledge about the Cannabis growth process keeps growing as we keep working with newer clients and assignments. This also includes the associated trimming process, soil conditions, weathering factors, pruning techniques such as Lollipopping and other growth methods such as Flushing.

Few of Recent Assignments Deal with:

  • Articles on Flushing Cannabis – Steps and Benefits. 

    The process of flushing cannabis plants means leaching remnants of minerals and nutrients in the soil and the root zone of plants using plain water or other flushing agents. For better development of the marijuana plants, it is very important to keep changing and clearing out the old nutrient supply of the plants.

  • Blogs on Ideal Time To Flush Cannabis Plants.

The usual time to flush the cannabis plants is two weeks before the harvest. If the plant has a total of the eight-week flowering period, the flushing will need to take place six weeks after the start of the flowering stage. Flushing the harvest at the right time helps in enhancing the quality and adds to the smoothness of the buds.

  • Articles on Lollipopping Cannabis. What Is Lollipopping Zone?

A unique high yield pruning technique of cannabis plants that includes removal of a lower portion of the plants so that the upper buds take up all the energy for better yields is known as lollipopping. Lollipopping is preferred by indoor cannabis cultivators as it is inexpensive and saves a lot of space for the growers. It also takes bare minimum tools that are handy to carry out this procedure. Equipment like soft plant ties/strings, scissors, duct tapes, small hand-drill, etc are required.

  • Articles on SOG or sea of the green method and the SCROG or Screen of Green method to grow Cannabis.

SOG method starts the flowering stage earlier than usual, forcing the plants to create buds quickly(pre vegetative stage-two weeks). SCROG method is used mainly by indoor cultivators. The upper part of the plant is kept as close to the light as possible. This process suspends the upper part of the plant in between the spaces provided by the wiring.

  • Articles on the Low-Stress Training or LST method

It includes gentle bending and tying down of plants. This bending process is done for a better distribution of light. Cannabis plants tend to grow into a “Christmas tree” like shape known as apical dominance.LST aims at leveling the height of the canopy.

  • Blogs on Pros and Cons Associated with Wet and Dry Trimming Process of Cannabis

The wet trimming process has to start immediately after the marijuana plants are cut down. The wet buds are trimmed immediately after harvest, and all the surplus leaves are taken off. Then, the cannabis flowers are dried without the leaves. Sometimes trimming machines are used to speed up the process. This process is believed to be a faster and easier one by some. Dry trimming, if done by hand, is a tedious and time-consuming process. The more time we give to cannabis to dry up, the better the quality becomes. The ideal time for the flowers to dry up is 10-14 days. Hence many helping hands are needed during this process. Otherwise, this entire dry trimming process is mostly carried out with the help of trimming machines.

FAQs for 120+ Online Medical Marijuana Dispensaries:

We just completed a similar series for “BuyMyWeedOnline”, one of the 120+ online Medical Marijuana dispensaries operating in Vancouver. (

To be eligible under the federal system, qualified medical practitioners’ approval and Health Canada’s permission are two essential criteria, enabling you to purchase from one of the 26 licensed producers. However, VPD and City Hall have allowed such dispensaries to operate, so that more people could get benefited, as long as the products are not sold to minors and gangs.

The series comprised of key FAQs, some of which are listed below:

  • Is it safe to order from BuyMyWeedOnline?
  • How does the Point System function?
  • How can I place an order?
  • How long does it take to process an order and send it for shipment?
  • Why did my package include the ìSignature required clause?
  • What reasons would I require medical marijuana for?
  • Do you ship outside of Canada?

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  • We have been writing on the list of lifestyle diseases that could be treated with CBD Oil, Hemp powder and Oil tinctures.
  • We have written extensive articles on cannabis growth, wet and dry trimming, soil requirements, etc.
  • We just completed a series for “BuyMyWeedOnline”, one of the 120+ online Medical Marijuana dispensaries operating in Vancouver. (
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