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The harmless weighing scale has become the sworn enemy of millennials. Skinny shaming much like fat shaming has become a norm. According to the Center For Diseases Control (CDC), adults between the ages of 20 to 39 are the most vulnerable to being underweight, with every 2 in 30 adults falling in the very category.

Natural Methods of Gaining Weight Fast

Gaining weight can be just as daunting as losing it. Start your weight gain journey with natural methods and safe dietary supplements, like the ones listed below, that does not harm the natural constitution of your body.

  • Train and not Exercise. (Exercise involves burning calories and does not aid in weight gain. Training, on the other hand, builds up muscles without losing body mass).
  • Proteins are the way to go. (Lean meats like chicken and fish are good and healthy options)
  • Keep your Calorie intake Consistent. (Adding high-calorie food like olive oil, peanuts, avocados, whole milk, chocolates, organic protein powders, avoiding sugar-free food can help you gain faster.)
  • Protein Shakes and Powders, Mass and Weight Gainers.

Natural Nutrition & Vegan Diet

Mass Gainers:

Mass gainers usually have in them a mixture of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Protein sources that are commonly used include whey, casein, soy and/or plant-based proteins. Many use flax seeds are a source of fat. The carbohydrates almost always come from dextrose, maltodextrin or waxy maize or a combination of the three. Some mass gaining supplements can also contain additional ingredients such as BCAAs, creatine, and vitamin & minerals.

Protein Gainers:

Proteins can be defined as the continuous chains of amino acids, which forms the basis of life for all living beings. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and every fitness fanatic literally lives on protein powder, in the form of nutritional supplement. It works as a cardinal macronutrient promoting muscle building, tissue repairing, accelerating the work of enzymes and hormones. It also helps in losing weight and toning muscles.

Weight Gainers:

Similar to protein powders, weight gainer supplements supply high-quality protein that can support fast muscle growth. However, while protein powders often supply large amounts of protein but small amounts of fat or carbohydrates, weight gain powders typically have a more balanced mix of macronutrients or, at least, of protein and carbohydrates.

For example, one commercially available weight gain powder offers 250 calories per serving, which comes from its 14 grams of fat, 22 grams of carbohydrates and 12 grams of protein. This type of weight gainer might be a good option if you’re having trouble even eating enough calories to maintain your weight. However, a weight gainer like this may not be safe for people with some medical conditions, such as kidney disease. You should only take this type of very high-calorie, high-carbohydrate, high-protein supplement only after you’ve got a doctor’s approval. Bottom line, weight gainers are very effective. They provide you with a very easy way to consume the required number of calories in a hassle-free, quick manner.


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