Write For Us

At Words Kraft, we love working with new talents and fresh writers. As long as you manage to write syntactically and semantically correct English content, we would most certainly have something for you. Obviously, a professional writer needs to abide by certain guiding principles and demonstrate half-a-dozen key virtues.

  • ‘Versatility’ is the magic word: From hair straightener reviews to medical journals on ‘natural herbs to fight Autism’, a professional writer should have the necessary IQ to handle a strikingly diverse range of subjects and industry niches.
  • Google is omnipotent and omnipresent: Google has an answer to everything. Unfortunate if you don’t know how to research out relevant information.
  • Proper Formatting is necessary: Piles of long and monotonous texts are almost suicidal. Readers would most certainly lose interest and never come back. Proper formatting with paragraphs, bullets, headings, indentations increases the overall readability and visual appeal.
  • Understanding Business Objectives: A professional writer needs to understand the business objectives, the intended target audience and align their narration accordingly. The client has hired us to write content that would help his/her business goals.
  • Plagiarism is an offense: As a ‘writer’, you are expected to write fresh, relevant and original content. The client wouldn’t hire writers if ‘copy-paste’ is what they wanted.
  • Adherence to timelines: As professional writers, we need to adhere to timelines and delivery dates as per the contract with the client. So timelines and delivery dates are important. Very important!!

If you are confident of your skills, can follow instructions and abide by contractual clauses, we would love to have you on-boarded. Fill in the ‘Contact Us’ form and we shall get in touch.