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A team of proficient multi-disciplined writers for the last 10 years, we have worked with several Medical Marijuana firms, Hydroponic LED Panel companies in niche areas, drafting their landing & website pages, implementing SEO, drafting cross-platform back-links and guest posts.

We have extensive writing experience in niches of off-season plant growth, artificial light for growing plants indoors, light cycles vegetative state, flushing and lollipopping of cannabis, flowering cycles and choice of growing room, temperature, humidity, and electrical setup.

Few of the Recent Assignments: 

  • Methods of Indoor Growing: Soil-based growth and Hydroponics.
  • A Brief Introduction to Vermicomposting – Organic Household Waste as the Perfect Plant Growth Ingredient.
  • Articles on Flushing Cannabis – Steps and Benefits.
  • How to decide Light Cycles vegetative state and flowering cycles?
  • How to Install LED Lights: Choice of Grow Room, Temperature, Humidity, and Electrical Setup.
  • Why use LED Lights instead of HPS Lights?
  • Articles on Lollipopping Cannabis. What Is Lollipopping Zone? Equipment needed?
  • Articles on Sea Of the Green (SOG) method and the Screen of Green method (SCROG) method.
  • Blogs on Pros and Cons Associated with Wet and Dry Trimming Process.

Example – “A Brief Introduction to Vermicomposting – Organic Household Waste as the Perfect Plant Growth Ingredient”:

Vermicomposting is a magical process that transforms your unnecessary kitchen scraps and other green wastes into a rich dark soil which smells nearly like earth. Basically, the earthworm excrement is vermicompost, also known as castings, are known to for improving the biological, chemical and physical properties of the soil. The innumerable chemical secretions taking place in the digestive tract of an earthworm are useful for breaking down soil and organic matter.

  • Reduces the amount of waste sent to the dumpsites – around thirty percent of an individual’s daily household waste is organic.
  • Alleviates the level of greenhouse gas emissions – organic wastes buried in a dumpsite, break down gradually in the absence of oxygen which leads to the production of methane gas.
  • A toxic liquid known as leachate is produced when organics are allowed to break down without the presence of oxygen, which pollutes the soil and water bodies. Vermicomposting reduces pollution, therefore.

The fine amalgamation of indoor plant growth, gardening methodologies, hydroponic topics with an underlying sales funnels excites me. This includes deciding on a target audience and putting forward a Call-For-Action.