#6. ​My Wife isn’t Interested. That’s Okay


# 1.​ Conventionally Unsuccessful So Far

# 2.​ Did I Impact Lives?​ A​​ Little Maybe.

# 3. Silence is a Virtue. Not a Weakness.

#4. We are All Looking for a Fallback Option

#5. I am a Better Writer Than Speaker.

My wife finds marginal interest in Words Kraft. The subtle complexities and competitions associated with a business don’t really excite her. And that’s okay. As human beings, we have our individual triggers. My wife is a dedicated homemaker. She loves cooking and experimenting with recipes. Which is great if the family has a knack for pampering their taste-buds more than often. And my wife probably is the reason why I can diligently focus on Words Kraft. Without having to worry about anything back at home. Household chores are tiring. Especially when your two years toddler is exceptionally naughty and fidgety. So her lack of direct interest in Words Kraft or its functioning is fine. She might not be a part of the show, but she definitely is a key facilitator.


A business still in its sapling stages need a mammoth amount of dedication and effort. That leaves you with very less leisure time. Especially when you are juggling two very different professions in parallel. A supportive family, therefore, plays a crucial role. The cushioning element is essential. My wife, in particular, is that cushion. Taking care of things so that I could focus. She is strong, responsible and efficient in her role. She could defend you ferociously in street altercations. She could cook a delicious dinner once you return after a hard day at the office. I call that versatility and a handful of people have that.

Yes, there’s no denying the fact that every relationship goes through periods of tractions and strains. We had our share of downtimes too. But, overall things have been better. Much better than many other families.

Do I care too much about people and opinions?  Honestly, we all care. Social acknowledgment and appreciations serve as motivation for people like us. Ordinary and regular people.
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  1. My friends and family rarely read my posts. But my husband does because blogs get sent to them. After reading your blog–I forgive and accept. Thanks for posting.

  2. Wife is a Person too. She has her interests. You have yours. My husband checks out my blog maybe once a month if i ask him have you checked. My daughters still ask me how to make this and that and dont follow my blog. That is OK. It is really hard work to be a Housewife. And it is hard to be a Blogger too. Best Wishes

  3. Absolutely. I call her a Professional housewife. She does her job with such intense dedication. Probably better than whatever we do at the office. Her sincerity fascinates me.

  4. Without your partner’s support, nothing goes in line. It’s when we support, understand and be for each other, we are happy and successful in what we are you doing. Nice post

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