Web-Development Service Content

“When browsing most users remain on a website for less than 59 seconds making it vital that you capture the user’s attention in less than a minute.”

We recently worked with several Web Solution startups offering a range of services in website development, upgrade, maintenance, and support. This also includes customized CMS solutions, Web Portals Services, eCommerce integration, etc.

Previous Content Assignments for customers offering Bespoke Software Development, SEO, and Responsive Web Design services:

  • Blogs on Bespoke software development and customized software solutions.
  • Blogs on selecting a perfect chromatic palette for your business branding.
  • Service Blogs for implementing responsive web design.
  • Content for a rock-solid first impression: Comprehensive and engaging Homepage design.
  • Pages on fusing mastery in UX, Creative, Content, and Optimization to a web world.
  • Blogs Ensuring anti-spam controls through the implementation of high-end Captcha.
  • Articles on integrating a Social media portfolio for your online business marketing.
  • Blogs on integrating leading Payment gateways such as PayPal, SecurePay, TrustCommerce, Sage, etc.

Captivating Content can Strengthen your Sales Funnel

Sales writing for Mobile and Web development solutions has been one of our STRONG points. Understandably, our team has 1000 crazy ideas to sell your services. Through compelling business plans, sales copy, landing pages, product promotion campaigns, etc.

  • Landing Page: Drafting compelling website landing pages, presenting the company’s vision and objective in precise data-oriented content.
  • Services Page: Highlighting the Key objectives, mission & offerings. of the Company.
  • About Us Page: An interesting “About Us” page, that helps in establishing a brand value.
  • Brand Accolade Page: Highlighting surveys, testimonials, reviews, and feedback won to instill a sense of faith among potential customers.
  • “Call-For-Action” Page: A consolidated Sales funnel page that captures E-Mail addresses and customer phone numbers through an interactive “Contact Us” form.

Idea #1: The Fear Tactics

When browsing most users remain on a website for less than 59 seconds making it vital that you capture the user’s attention in less than a minute.

So Does Your existing Web/Mobile Solution GRAB User’s Attention? If NOT, read on…
1. Is your current website struggling to keep up with your ever-growing marketing needs?
2. Are the features, functionalities, and third-party compatibility typically outdated?
3. Unprofessional and “bland” websites could ruin your business.

Re-shaping your Website Content

1. Abstracting the internal technicality of an IT solution and presenting the concept in a lucid manner that suits business owners, prospective customers, and organic visitors.
2. What you are looking for is a motivated techno-functional writer with a certain flair for research, extracting relevant factual information, and presenting the company’s USPs woven into strong content.

The list of services we wrote on are as follows:

  • Web Design & Web Development
  • Search Engine Optimization & Content Management
  • E-commerce (Integrating Shopify, Google Maps, Free Hit Counters)6. Responsive Sites
  • Custom Programming & Bespoke software development
  • Content writing services.
  • Android apps Development & Shopping Cart Integrations.

Example Snippets: Home Page/ Landing Page:

“XYZ Web Solutions offers you a comprehensive solution to all your upgrade needs. By upgrading your website to a popular and robust CMS, e.g. Magento, WordPress, Drupal, etc. you will have access to hundreds of features that will increase your sales, marketing productivity, and its incredible SEO capabilities. Using an original royalty-free digital media library that offers a wide variety of budget-friendly commercial and editorial images, video footage, audio clips, logo designs, and illustrations. To help give your creative project that crisp finished look.”

“ABC Design Studio is one of the leading creative agencies specializing in a wide variety of cutting-edge creative designs. Over the years, the company has established a unique brand through its range of offerings which amalgamates the best of design and marketing services. At ABC Design Studio, our team of experts strives hard to achieve perfection in developing a range of amazing websites, desktop, and mobile applications, print and marketing solutions, and e-commerce without compromising on customer satisfaction. ABC Design Studio offers a range of exclusive start-up packages along with web developments for acclaimed corporate brands, the public sector, charities, and individual websites. With a solid 20 years of combined experience in various disciplines of web development and online marketing services, ABC Design Studio Inclusive promises you the best in delivery and customer satisfaction.”

“Conceived in the year 2015, The Genius Group was formed under the able leadership of Nicholas Vanguard, with the sole intention of holding three companies under its umbrella – Genius Security, Genius IT, and Genius Development. After the breathtaking success of Genius Development after its very inception in the year 2014, CEO, Nicholas Vanguard was determined to diversify the business and cater to a varied customer base. Subsequently, Genius Security and Genius IT were formed in 2015. Today TGG has 5 subsidiaries and operates out of its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.”

While most brick-and-mortar businesses are undergoing a paradigm shift towards Online presence, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing are a few of the buzzwords ruling the Online Business frontier. It is imperative that clients are educated on how your Digital Marketing approaches could revolutionize their respective businesses. Read more about our Digital Marketing offerings here.

I call it the “Final Touch”. Proactive researching, stepping up the sales pitch, increasing readability, transforming a stale piece of text into something brilliantly interesting. Find our delivery commitments here.