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While most organizations are implementing Real-Time Analytics in variations of real-time data integration, real-time big-data analytics, and real-time intelligence, the end objective is to simulate a business model that helps sales managers and business heads statistically calculate the likelihood of certain customer behavior or reaction to a certain product, service or campaign.

A staggering 94% of B2B buyers research online before purchasing. While 89% customers prefer online shopping to Store shopping. Do you realize the immense potential the online shopping industry has if the zillions of Data could be processed through real-time analytics and predictive business models could be generated?

Here’s a highlight of how such real-time analytics could help organizations understand the probable fate of a certain product in light of what the markets might have in store for them.

  • Adapt to changing business situations: The nature of product search, the frequency of online shopping and the amount spent greatly varies with customer age, financial stability and preferences.
  • Monitoring social media impact: The number of Shares, Fans/Followers, Likes, Comments, Website visitors could be pointers to measure social media impact.
  • Campaign measurement: Implement the correct Real-Time Analytics tool to measure, quantify and use the website traffic that the campaign generates.
  • React to Real-Time Events: Real-time analytics could provide run-time information about enterprise customers, thereby enabling quick business decisions.
  • BI or Business Intelligence tools: Business Intelligence has the capability to handle complex event processing, text mining, handling unstructured data, predictive analysis, etc.
  • Virtualization and Dashboard for CFOs: Integrated and easy-to-use financial dashboard could be used in the generation of a business metrics and facilitate reporting. Abstraction of internal complexities and virtualization of data through real-time analytic software provides more clarity and control to decision-making business heads such as the Organizational CEO.
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A list of our Recent Assignments:

We have been writing informative guides on various aspects of Google Analytics and how to integrate calculated metrics in Google Analytics, etc. Here are a few examples:

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In addition, we also wrote biographic notes on Google Analytics Personas such as Simo Ahava, Benjamin Mangold, Russell Brunson and Avinash Kaushik.

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