The Journey So Far

Setting up a parallel business identity is exhausting. Especially, when you are diligently executing responsibilities that come bundled with your “regular” conventional corporate job.

What started as a part-time freelancing gig gradually expanded over the years. Double shifts, sleepless nights, stringent deadlines, and a long focused effort to establish credibility. It isn’t an easy task. Particularly when you aren’t part of a traditional writing agency, you are not a native speaker and you face severe time constraints.

“Allow your passion to be your purpose and it will one day become your profession.”

I eagerly waited for those two hours of late-night time which was purely mine. Without any distractions and disturbances. All-day long, the sub-conscious mind kept updating a virtual “to-do” itinerary planned for those two hours. And yes, every second of those valuable two hours were highly productive.

Over the next five years, we on-boarded a plethora of new clients, delved into their business objectives, convinced them of our capabilities, won their confidence and consistently delivered good work. From travel destination reviews and Amazon product descriptions to natural nutrition and chiropractic blogs, we kept writing.

Meanwhile, our demands for quality writers were on a gradual rise. We generously welcomed new writers. A little pinch of guidance is what it takes to discover the mammoth potential hidden deep inside. We ‘discovered’ some wonderful talents, formed a core writing team and aligned them with specialized writing categories.  Just a few months back, we eventually gathered the courage to take an optimistic leap towards greater possibilities – with ‘Words Kraft’.