The Content Magicians – Meet the Team!!

Ankana B.
Content Wizard

Ankana is a student of English literature, currently pursuing her master's degree. She is deeply interested in tales of the old, mythology, and folklore. Apart from that, she is also a student of the Japanese language and dabbles in pop-fiction, Anime, and Manga studies. Content writing gives her a platform to utilize her skills as an English student and also helps her learn something new every day.

Debosmita S.
Content Wizard

An aspiring author and humanitarian, Debosmita is currently pursuing English literature as her academic discipline. She is a scribbler of poetry, short stories, and book reviews. She is an extremely articulate, creative, observant, and passionate individual who is vocal about socio-political issues. Content writing has always been a boost to her creative potential. She is also an individual with excellent copywriting and research skills and an outstanding work ethic.

Raina B.
Content Wizard

Being a student of Media Science and a former student of Communicative English, Raina is very perceptive and excels in both interpersonal and intrapersonal interaction. She has a way with words that has got her hooked on blogging and content writing. Her limerence with the English language and art also help quench her thirst for knowledge in various subjects via dynamic research work. She also happens to be a voracious reader, a movie buff, and a passionate dancer.

Samrat S.
Content Wizard

He writes for us. Be it theoretical politics, Schopenhauer's Philosophy, Eliot's criticism, Woolf's exaggeration, or Brady's newest ring - he will write. He wishes to publish as many academic papers as possible, hopes he gets to do so. Besides writing he reads, for it is reading that largely evokes the passion for writing in his heart. He thinks and he thinks, and often he wishes he was in his 20s or something by the 2008 or the 2009. Too short a sentence, even shorter a narrative, what fits is only what's seen. He will continue to write, and he will continue to read. God bless, you found him!

Prerona M.
Content Wizard

A final year student pursuing a Bachelors's course in Hotel Management, Prerona has been in love with blogging and writing since her schooling years. One of our most reliable freelance writers, Prerona has been remarkable with research, fact-checking, articulation, and prompt deliveries. She has been a critical success factor for us, having delivered 500+ articles across numerous niches ranging from Casino reviews to federal policies and regulations governing online gambling across the US, UK, NZ, and AUD markets.

Angshita D.
Content Wizard

Angshita is an old-school student of biochemistry at one of the premier Indian universities, who dreams to unravel the mysteries of the earth and universe through Vedas and Upanishads. She uses writing for emotional release and reading for escaping from the present world. Content writing is an opportunity for her to satisfy her urge of gaining knowledge in varied fields through proactive research and engaging narratives.

Deb D.
Branding Wonder Woman

Deb holds a Master's degree in English Literature from one of the premier Universities in India. Gifted with an inherent creative bent of mind, she prefers expressing her shades of imagination through numerous blogs, articles, and academic journals. Being a young and vibrant person, Deb also takes a keen interest in painting, socializing, and exchanging ideas with her peer groups.

Samadrita R.
Content Wizard

A civil engineer by profession, Samadrita has an undying passion for writing. Being an innately creative soul with an analytical mind, she finds therapeutic pleasure in engaging herself in critical thinking, reading, exploring, blogging, and publishing. Always an indispensable part of the Words Kraft team, her knack for fact-checking and proactive research makes her one of our most successful senior writers, working on a plethora of commercial domains ranging from iGaming reviews to Cryptocurrencies and FinTech solutions.

Promila G.
Content Wizard

Being an undergraduate student of English Literature, Promila expresses her deep interest in Greek mythology, fiction, graphic novels, Dalit, and queer literature. She is also a student of the French Language and an active animal welfare activist. Content writing has been an escape from reality since childhood and has enabled her to learn new skills. She aspires to publish her own academic papers, and periodicals someday.

Ritika B.
Product Review Specialist

Ritika is pursuing her bachelor's degree as a student of English Literature. She is an avid reader, an aspiring writer, and a proactive painter. She is also a believer of Gnosticism, mythology along with gothic fiction, anime, and visual culture, and an outspoken feminist. Content writing is a medium for her to research and keep up with the world and gain experience while bettering her writing abilities.

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