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# 2.​ Did I Impact Lives?​ A​​ Little Maybe.


# 1.​ Conventionally Unsuccessful So Far

Let me answer questions that weren’t asked.

So you are already aware, that my professional life hasn’t been anything exciting yet. It’s stereotypical and regular. I haven’t traveled abroad. Within domestic boundaries, I haven’t even been to the southern states which are supposedly the goldmines of IT. I, therefore, don’t fit into the conventional definition of success.


Well, the definition of success and a sense of accomplishment depends on perspectives and individuals. I always loved writing. My journey from being an occasional blogger to establishing Words Kraft, enabling a team of young writers, onboarding a plethora of clients and optimizing the regular work-payment process is an accomplishment that makes me a little proud. In a way, I might have impacted lives too. Around 35 young writers that I have worked with so far. A little impact maybe. Mostly English graduates, they wanted a professional exposure. How commercial writing works. I provided them with an opportunity to write on a varied range of subjects, within stipulated time and limited resources. They got paid for the work. Some of them earned well. After a decade-long struggle, today Words Kraft is a known name amongst various college groups, students forums, social circuits. People call me for writing vacancies. They look for opportunities to work and earn. And yes, I feel proud and successful to have come so far. I promise it isn’t easy to establish credibility. Working long double shifts every day and every night.

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Clients from distant lands contact me. Many of the small business owners came to know about us through friends and family. Well…I shouldn’t be calling myself an entrepreneur. Sounds too clichéd. But yes, I might have established a parallel identity. Away from the monotonous boss pleasing and rat race of the corporate world.

I still have my regular job. And I work as seriously as I did a decade back. The company pays me well and I am obliged to put in my 100%.

Just that I have learned to be more silent now.

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