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Repressive Hindu Marriage Vows: Why We Need a Change?

The traditional gender paradigm of the husband footing all expenditures is repressive to males as well. A man should be able to rely on his wife too for financial support. The condition being, the wife is to perform her “wifely duties” with utmost obedience and loyalty. This ceremony provides some social and financial stability to a girl who is completely reliant on her husband. How is this relevant to women who are financially stable and make equal contributions to the family budget?

When School Mommies Formed a WhatsApp Group

So we finally decided to feed our son to the Great Indian Schooling System. Because, that’s how we secure his distant future as a Political Leader, Doctor, Engineer, Banker or Teacher – Chronologically in the order of financial prosperity and social recognition. So aligning with the conventions, we ceremoniously took uncountable pictures of him in his school dress, school bag, water bottle, et all, on the first session day. Next, we also posted them on Facebook and received 100+ Likes from many people I have never known personally. It was one of those special Life-Moments.