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Raina B.

Being a student of Media Science and a former student of Communicative English, Raina is very perceptive and excels in both interpersonal and intrapersonal interaction. She has a way with words that has got her hooked on blogging and content writing. Her limerence with the English language and art also help quench her thirst for knowledge in various subjects via dynamic research work. She also happens to be a voracious reader, a movie buff, and a passionate dancer.

Repressive Hindu Marriage Vows: Why We Need a Change?

The traditional gender paradigm of the husband footing all expenditures is repressive to males as well. A man should be able to rely on his wife too for financial support. The condition being, the wife is to perform her “wifely duties” with utmost obedience and loyalty. This ceremony provides some social and financial stability to a girl who is completely reliant on her husband. How is this relevant to women who are financially stable and make equal contributions to the family budget?