#5. I am a Better Writer Than Speaker.


# 1. Conventionally Unsuccessful So Far

# 2. Did I Impact Lives? A Little Maybe.

# 3. Silence is a Virtue. Not a Weakness.

#4. We are All Looking for a Fallback Option

I am not a great speaker.

Most people affiliated with creativity and arts are usually good speakers. The likes of writers, bloggers, journalists, art directors, etc. Individuals with such creative bent are good at extracurricular gigs. They have a ‘different’ personality trait that differentiates them from a mass.  Ponytails, tattoos and a certain whacky charm, which makes them strangely cool.


When you have an alternate persona that majorly deals with creative and professional writing, it is imperative that you establish a credibility with verbal communication skills too. Because most of our real-life associations are centered around family and colleagues who are less aware of your alternate persona. Chances are they aren’t following your articles, blogs, and publications. They aren’t aware of your ‘alternate’ business. These people are outside the circuit. I look regular and very ordinary. Actually, I tend to listen more. And most conversations don’t interest me.

With people all around achieving great things, the certain trait of commonness in us makes us ordinary, predictable and regular. So most people would probably find it very difficult to believe that we are capable of having an alternate persona that is far from being futile and bland. A parallel arrangement where we compete with top-rated writers/ agencies, an onboard multitude of clients, delve into diverse business niches, generate revenues, employ writers and impact real lives. The magnificent feeling that engulfs you after a successful delivery is absolutely not ordinary.

Contrary to popular beliefs, you needn’t be a great speaker to be a great writer.

We have been building a fortress which guards our dreams within the unbreakable walls.  Nourishing those who believe in us. Growing as a closed community. The Words Kraft community. We have chosen to remain ordinary and anonymous.

People get curious to know your story only when your achievements are discussed among social quarters. Else it’s just a personal gig that you care about. And it’s okay if someone isn’t too interested to be a part of your journey. For example, My wife isn’t too interested. And that’s okay.

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  1. You are right, l personally have a problem organizing my thoughts when it comes to speaking especially, public speaking. But l realized l could do that better with a pen and a paper.

  2. Very rightly said… many don’t know about our alternate personality and they judge us on the facade that is for them to judge. But there is a joy in their misjudging us also. This way they are able to tell more about their ability to judge. Anyways, I must say that you have a sharp observational bend of mind. Glad to have met you at the blogworld.

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