Travel & Hotel Reviews

Drafting compelling SEO Optimized sales copy, landing pages, business strategies, and E-mail marketing for travel gears, protective mountaineering gears, bag-packing travelers, hotel deals, etc. has been one of our key skill areas.

From Museums & Art Galleries in Dubai to the US Army Museum of Hawaii, we have written in-numerous user reviews for Tripadvisor,, and Goibibo. This includes elaborate articles on :

1. The City Profile: International business hub & tourist destination.
2. Culture And Lifestyle: Religion, festivals, and cuisines.
3. Currency, Prices, and Tipping: Forex, budget tourists, Taxis Vs. Rented Cars, tip or not to tip?
4. The City History: Early mention, historical milestones, battles, and treaties, etc.

Example: The Key Pointers for Hotel Reviews

1. How to find a budget hotel? How to effectively look for hotel reviews?
2. The quality of reception, concierge services, and overall check-in process.
3. Complimentary amenities offered? Welcome drinks, chocolates, flowers, and breakfast cuisines.
4. In-Room amenities: Satellite television, comfortable beds, linens, large closets, a coffee maker and a mini-bar?
5. View from the room, spacious & sparkling clean and quality of food.
6. Vicinity from major Tourist attractions and shopping centers?
7. The availability of large and well-lighted bathrooms with complimentary products.
8. How cordial and helpful were the Staffs? Did they pay attention to finer details and special requests?

Tour Guide, Shared Taxi (Airport Pickup) Reviews and Trekking FAQs

For Uber and Lyft reviews, to tours and guided camping services, we have drafted compelling SEO Optimized sales copy, landing pages, business Strategies and user-guides for travel agencies.

1. Blogs on best airport pick-up and drop experience. (Example: Limousine Service Singapore).
2. Blogs on Uber and Lyft Ridesharing and the choice of a perfect sedan.
3. FAQs on online booking facilities through tour guides: Tips on fares, tariffs, and charges. (Example: Dubai Shopping Carnival)
4. Tips for international hotels/ guest-houses planning and booking. (Example: New Year Tours to California)
5. FAQs on tours, trekking, and guided camping services.
7. Articles guiding travelers on Travel Insurance policies. (Does your policy covers MERS?)
8. FAQs on Backpacker Insurance provided by World Nomads.
9. Detailed articles on International money transfers using OFX. (Australian online foreign exchange and payments company).


Example Snippets on Hotels and Location Reviews:

I was at the Park Hyatt Siem Reap for my honeymoon and we decided to stay at someplace moderately classy. And this was truly an amazing stay. We particularly loved the neatness around. From the pool to the living room and reception, all of it impeccably clean and well-maintained. The restaurants, bars, spas and swimming pools were nice. The Glass House café, was particularly splendid. We stayed at the hotel primarily because the rates were affordable and the location was within close proximity of the French Quarter and Old Market areas. The service was prompt and the hotel staff paid fine attention to even the minute details. We were even offered complimentary roses and chocolates upon arrival. The front desk made our checking in process a cakewalk and guided us on the sightseeing. Food was good though not extraordinary. Breakfast, however, was over the top and had a lot of variety.”

My wife is a history teacher and loves ancient monuments, especially with religious significance. So on our last vacation at Genoa, Italy, I recommended her the Chiesa del Gesu e dei Santi Ambrogio e, Andrea. It was one of the most beautiful church I had seen in a long time. The front façade instantly catches your attention. Some of the most exquisite stone carvings and sculptures. The frescos all over the ceiling and cupola are amazing. The paintings by famous artists such as Reubens, Simon Vouet, Guido Reni, Andrea Pozzoinside the church complex are simply wonderful. We stayed here for almost an hour and spent a lot of time inside.”

I call it the “Final Touch”. Proactive researching, stepping up the sales-pitch, increasing readability, transforming a stale piece of text into something brilliantly interesting. Find our delivery commitments here.