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Our latest stint includes a diverse range of Air Fryers reviews.

In today’s hectic lifestyle it is essential to opt for a healthier diet to stay fit. However, those who love to eat fried food it is difficult to simply curb their cravings. Therefore, opting for an Air Fryer is a better, economical and healthier option for preparing fried food. By utilizing superheated air, this appliance is capable of preparing fried food with very less oil. This means that it is now possible to get the delicious taste of fried food without the actual fat content, which is usually present when such fried food is cooked in deep fryers.

Product Comparisons based on Key Parameters:

  • Capacity: A regular Air Fryer has a capacity which ranges between 1.8 pounds to 2.5 pounds. This capacity is enough for cooking regular fries or chicken drumsticks. However, in case of preparing an entire turkey or a whole chicken the capacity of the Air Fryer has to be more.
  • Wattage: Since Air Fryers typically consume more than 800 to nearly 1400 watts of power for their functioning, it is always important to know if the power outlets of the kitchen will be able to support this range of power supply for the fryer.
  • Settings: Different temperature settings is one feature which might be important for many since different types of temperature settings allows users to cook different types of food.
  • Price Range: Additional features may increase the price tag of an Air Fryer. Additional features like digital displays and multi-compartments might be necessary as well. The pricing of the Air Fryers not only change with different brands or size but it also depends on these additional features as well.

Avalon Vs. Philips Vs. Versonel – Product Comparisons

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