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We have been associated with multiple domestic and commercial Carpet and Upholstery cleaning companies, drafting content/ blogs/ sales articles on methods of Bonnet cleaning, Wet cleaning, and Hot water extraction (Steam Cleaning) with portable and truck-mounted units. In very recent times, we wrapped up a series of Carpet cleaning articles for: “Carpet Cleaning Kings Melbourne”

Our Recent Contents on varied ‘Carpet Cleaning’ niches :

  • Pest control and management.
  • Upholstery/ Mattress cleaning.
  • Green carpet cleaning.
  • Bonnet Cleaning for Domestic Carpets.
  • Hot water extraction.
  • Pet stain removal from delicate oriental rugs, wool, or hand-knotted material.
  • Fur, sheepskin, and hide rugs cleaning.
  • Using unscented talcum powder and cotton cloth in a lukewarm soap solution for sheepskin.
  • Using alkaline agents similar to ammonia solutions for synthetic carpets.
  • Using acidic solutions for woolen carpets.
  • Removing Norovirus (Norwalk Virus) found in dirty carpets and upholstery.

We have been writing on both domestic and commercial carpet cleaning using a method of bonnet cleaning, wet cleaning, hot water extraction (steam cleaning) with portable and truck-mounted units.

Snippet: A Pre-Inspection is Necessary

A carpet is unhealthy if it is not cleaned on a regular basis. Carpet act as a filter, which makes it collect soils, pollen, insecticides, exhaust, etc. that get accumulated because of us and our visitors. Therefore, to create a healthy indoor environment, we should take good care of our carpets. An inspection is necessary to judge the fiber, material, texture, and color of the carpet. The amount of dirt and stain accumulated is a decisive factor in what kind of cleaning solution needs to be used……

Snippets: Hot water extraction Techniques

Hot Water extraction mechanism is effective in eradicating severe soil and dirt. The equipment is usually plugged into an electric supply. Places where electricity availability is an issue, truck-mounted systems could do the trick. The benefit of Truck mounted cleaning units is less noise in the room being cleaned. Hot Water Extraction generally uses alkaline agents similar to ammonia solutions for synthetic carpets and acidic solutions for woolen carpets. The carpets are sprayed with the solution; the fabric is then agitated with a grooming brush or automatic scrubbers. Pressurized hot water is then passed over the surface to rinse out residues and dirt…..

Snippets: Bonnet cleaning techniques

Bonnet Cleaning involves the use of cleaning products that are spread out over the carpet surface. The round “Bonnet” scrubs through the carpet in a circular motion, with an absorbent spin which attracts and collects the soil. The absorbent spin or pad has to be rinsed and cleaned often. Professional Carpet Cleaners take special care to keep the bonnet well-lubricated with cleaning solution, just to ensure pile distortion. Bonnets, however, can get saturated with soil and dirt within a few hundred square feet and requires a rinse. The process is therefore relatively slow and involves a moderate amount of water. Bonnet Cleaning is effective in removing patches of dirt or stains without cleaning the entire carpet…..

Snippets: Elimination of Bacteria and mites

Norovirus, popularly known as Norwalk Virus, often found occurring in dirty carpets and upholstery causes stomach problems. Salmonella, another notorious virus is often associated with contaminated food. However, the virus can be tracked right at your home, your carpet and vacuum cleaners…

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Geography Targeted Writing: Location-specific SEO blogs

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Our Recent Assignments on Professional Janitorial Services:

We just wrapped up a similar assignment for Helpmate Cleaning Services.

Helpmate provides reliable, professional and highly-skilled cleaners, who work from a comprehensive checklist, offering tailor-made cleaning services. From residential cleaning, janitorial services to floor cleaning, sanitizing toilets and disaster cleanups, Helpmate offers a wide range of premium cleaning services at very affordable rates. Professional care is necessary to extract the range of deep-rooted bacteria, mites, and viruses such as Norwalk Virus. I highlighted certain convenient and key features including

  • Available during the peak hours of a day.
  • Offering a dedicated and 24X7 available customer service.
  • Enter your zip code and supply some essential details. The Helpmate cleaning experts will get in touch. Services range from post-disaster cleaning, deep cleaning before moving-in, after-party cleaning, etc.

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