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# 1.​ Conventionally Unsuccessful So Far

Apparently, your career as a software professional is considered relatively unsuccessful, if you haven’t traveled aboard on work assignments. And rightly so. Almost each of my friends and relatives has their Instagram’s brimming with Eifel Tower or the Niagara. The sun-kissed beaches and pristine mountains contribute towards an eventful life.  These folks have stories to tell and memories to share.


I haven’t been to any foreign countries yet. Not that I was incapable or less smart. Things just didn’t work out. Probably a classic mix of shit luck and bad timings.

For example, I switched my job a couple of years back. Two immediate work assignments popped up at France, a month after I left the organization. The client categorically wanted me at their Paris office. Well, I wasn’t around and someone else traveled as a replacement. Unfortunate…isn’t it? No complaints though. I have a moderately well-paying job here. A great team. A comfortable house and a car.

But yes, when you stay right at the epicenter of a well-connected social setup…parents, family, extended family, friends, neighbors, ex-colleagues, a certain comparison becomes inevitable. All most of your peers are “settled abroad” and here you are….apparently stuck at your stupid hometown. You tend to question yourself – “Am I a failure?”. That’s uncomfortable.

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“Staying abroad” is a seal of success that the society acknowledges. Irrespective of how great or dull your life. How much you earn? How much you pay for rent and insurances? How many dependents do you have? And how much you save? You get the benefit of the doubt. Because people look at your Instagram pictures. And they look amazing.

I remember being a good student. Passionate and focused. Yet, my professional life hasn’t been particularly eventful. I, therefore, don’t fit into the conventional definition of success.

Yet I feel happy and a little proud. I might have impacted some lives. A little maybe. Continue reading. #2. Did I Impact Lives? A Little Maybe.


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  1. Yet the world seems to be compulsively obsessed with ratings, rankings and comparative reviews. Some says, healthy competition promotes quality. But the fine demarcation of healthy/ unhealthy is what matters.

  2. India is definitely beautiful. Especially when you have your family around. The best support system.

  3. India is Beautiful. (i know it is not perfect). I always enjoyed living in India. However I ended in Europe. I still wish for life in Inida maybe some day!! For the moment I think we are where we are destined to be. Cheers!!

  4. Yes I have found a certain comfort in something that’s not distantly related to mainstream profession. But does give me a strong sense of success. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. At least, you’ve a Science back-ground (I presume, given you work in IT). Imagine the state of those who like me, have studied arts in college. 😀
    I’m labelled as useless since 18 and still surviving.

    Anyway, I believe when it comes to regrets stemmed from societal expectations, very few win.

    All the best in your future endeavors. I guess you’ve found a way out of this trap.

  6. Ah yes, that was a starter. The other linked articles would make you realize that I am actually doing pretty well right here. Thanks for reading.

  7. You need not be on the top of Eiffel Tower to claim yourself to be successful 😂 Jokes apart, there are many opportunities in our country, explore and make your family happy! You’ll find satisfaction.

  8. Oh!!
    You are so true with your words.
    Thank you for sharing…
    That’s what we all feel sometimes…
    But!! Be happy…
    You will grab a chance one day.. For sure!!

    Until then.. Enjoy blogosphere and our country!!


    Congrats!! On getting the article published on indiblogger..

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