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We have extensive writing experience in niches of off-season plant growth, vermicomposting, urban terrace gardening, artificial light for growing plants indoors, light cycles vegetative state, flushing and lollipopping of cannabis, flowering cycles and choice of growing room, temperature, humidity, and electrical setup. The fine amalgamation of indoor plant growth, gardening methodologies, hydroponic topics with an underlying sales funnels excites us. This includes deciding on a target audience and putting forward a Call-For-Action.

Few of the Recent Assignments:

  • Methods of Indoor Growing: Soil-based growth and Hydroponics.
  • A Brief Introduction to Vermicomposting
  • Organic Household Waste as the Perfect Plant Growth Ingredient.
  • Articles on Flushing Cannabis – Steps and Benefits.
  • How to decide Light Cycles vegetative state and flowering cycles?
  • How to Install LED Lights: Choice of Grow Room, Temperature, Humidity, and Electrical Setup.
  • Articles on Lollipopping Cannabis. What Is Lollipopping Zone? Equipment needed
  • Articles on Sea Of the Green (SOG) method and the Screen of Green method (SCROG) method.
  • Blogs on Pros and Cons Associated with Wet and Dry Trimming Process.

Example: “A Brief Introduction to Vermicomposting – Organic Household Waste as the Perfect Plant Growth Ingredient”:

Vermicomposting is a magical process that transforms your unnecessary kitchen scraps and other green wastes into a rich dark soil which smells nearly like earth. Basically, the earthworm excrement is vermicompost, also known as castings, are known to for improving the biological, chemical and physical properties of the soil. The innumerable chemical secretions taking place in the digestive tract of an earthworm are useful for breaking down soil and organic matter. – Reduces the amount of waste sent to the dumpsites – around thirty percent of an individual’s daily household waste is organic. – Alleviates the level of greenhouse gas emissions – organic wastes buried in a dumpsite, break down gradually in the absence of oxygen which leads to the production of methane gas. – A toxic liquid known as leachate is produced when organics are allowed to break down without the presence of oxygen, which pollutes the soil and water bodies.

Articles on Cannabis Yield, Trimming Process, Flushing and Lollipopping of Cannabis

Our knowledge about the Cannabis growth process keeps growing as we keep working with newer clients and assignments. This also includes the associated trimming process, soil conditions, weathering factors, pruning techniques such as Lollipopping and other growth methods such as Flushing.

Few of Recent Assignments Deal with:

  • Articles on Flushing Cannabis – Steps and Benefits. 

    The process of flushing cannabis plants means leaching remnants of minerals and nutrients in the soil and the root zone of plants using plain water or other flushing agents. For better development of the marijuana plants, it is very important to keep changing and clearing out the old nutrient supply of the plants.

  • Blogs on Ideal Time To Flush Cannabis Plants.

The usual time to flush the cannabis plants is two weeks before the harvest. If the plant has a total of the eight-week flowering period, the flushing will need to take place six weeks after the start of the flowering stage. Flushing the harvest at the right time helps in enhancing the quality and adds to the smoothness of the buds.

  • Articles on Lollipopping Cannabis. What Is Lollipopping Zone?

A unique high yield pruning technique of cannabis plants that includes removal of a lower portion of the plants so that the upper buds take up all the energy for better yields is known as lollipopping. Lollipopping is preferred by indoor cannabis cultivators as it is inexpensive and saves a lot of space for the growers. It also takes bare minimum tools that are handy to carry out this procedure. Equipment like soft plant ties/strings, scissors, duct tapes, small hand-drill, etc are required.

  • Articles on SOG or sea of the green method and the SCROG or Screen of Green method to grow Cannabis.

SOG method starts the flowering stage earlier than usual, forcing the plants to create buds quickly(pre vegetative stage-two weeks). SCROG method is used mainly by indoor cultivators. The upper part of the plant is kept as close to the light as possible. This process suspends the upper part of the plant in between the spaces provided by the wiring.

  • Articles on the Low-Stress Training or LST method

It includes gentle bending and tying down of plants. This bending process is done for a better distribution of light. Cannabis plants tend to grow into a “Christmas tree” like shape known as apical dominance.LST aims at leveling the height of the canopy.

  • Blogs on Pros and Cons Associated with Wet and Dry Trimming Process of Cannabis

The wet trimming process has to start immediately after the marijuana plants are cut down. The wet buds are trimmed immediately after harvest, and all the surplus leaves are taken off. Then, the cannabis flowers are dried without the leaves. Sometimes trimming machines are used to speed up the process. This process is believed to be a faster and easier one by some. Dry trimming, if done by hand, is a tedious and time-consuming process. The more time we give to cannabis to dry up, the better the quality becomes. The ideal time for the flowers to dry up is 10-14 days. Hence many helping hands are needed during this process. Otherwise, this entire dry trimming process is mostly carried out with the help of trimming machines.

We have also been writing multiple blogs, articles, FAQs and product descriptions pertaining to LED Grow-light panels and spectrum of light for adequate Indoor plant growth.

The fine amalgamation of gardening niches with an underlying sales funnel is what we excel at. Deciding on a target audience, putting forward a Call-For-Action, promoting a subtle back-link to the parent site and triggering organic marketing are few of the prevalent techniques we usually use. Find our delivery commitments here.