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A team of proficient technology writers for the last 10 years, we have been working on a variety of Technology-oriented research papers, assignments, and guest blogging.

First and foremost, being a team of technology bloggers, we excel at abstracting the technical complexities and presenting content that appeals to average non-technical business owners.

Bombarding Users and business owners with hosts of Technology jargon would literally intimidate them and 90% of your potential customers wouldn’t feel interested enough to read through.

A Stronger Sales Funnel: Appeals to a Non-Technical Business Owner

  • Abstracting the technical complexities and presenting content that appeals to average non-technical business owners.
  • Screenshots to guide the user through screens, navigation, and product features.
  • Illustrative diagrams to present Data/ facts which would otherwise look monotonous.

Technical Articles/ Blogs Targetted towards Business Managers: 

  • Handbook on Network Security and Monitoring.
  • Java Interview Questions for an Expert Interviewer.
  • SQL for startup Business Owners.
  • Tips to choose the best Web hosting service provider.
  • Cost Vs. Effectiveness – Web-Hosting Q&A Handbooks for Managers.
  • The Business Manager’s Guide to Building Your First Website – WordPress Vs Node.js Vs Ruby On Rails
  • Cloud migration? The basics of Cloud Computing & Your privacy and the cloud.
  • Setting up Data Centers? Reviews for Data Recovery Packages.
  • The Relevance of E-R Diagram in Database Design.
  • A Comparative Study: Waterfall Model & Agile Model.
  • Creating Business Continuity plans, and GANTT charts
  • Blogs on Big-Data Analytics and Real-Time Intelligence.
  • Blogs on Business Intelligence – Handling Complex Event Processing, Text Mining, Handling Unstructured Data.

Software Product Reviews:

We have also been working on a variety of technology-oriented assignments and technical writing jobs simultaneously. It involves :

  • Drafting “Help” and “Installation guides” for Software applications.
  • Drafting FAQs and “Must Know” pages for Software applications.

Assignment Snippets:

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What Else? Technical Product / Gadget Reviews and Blogs:

  • Google Nexus 5 Product Reviews.
  • Barnes and Noble Nook Glowlight.
  • Barnes and Noble Nook Simpletouch.
  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2013).
  • Barnes and Noble Nook Glowlight
  • Barnes and Noble Nook Simpletouch
  • Amazon Kindle (2012)

Our latest Assignments on WordPress Administration and Development-guide Batch:

  • How to Add SSL and HTTPS in WordPress.
  • How to Fix the Internal Server Error in WordPress.
  • How to Fix the 403 Forbidden Error in WordPress.
  • How to Change the Default Gravatar Image in WordPress.
  • How to Display Random Posts in WordPress.
  • How to Install and Setup WordPress Multisite Network.
  • How to Install WordPress Locally on Mac using MAMP.
  • How to Password Protect Your WordPress Admin (wp-admin) Directory.
  • Ultimate Guide to Using MailChimp and WordPress.
  • How to protect your PC against the major ‘Meltdown’ CPU security flaw.

Other Technical Product Blogs:

  • HTTP Debugger Overview and reviews.
  • HTTP Monitor Handbook and reviews.
  • HTTP Post Protocol Knowledge Book and reviews.
  • HTTP Get Protocol Knowledge Book and reviews.

I call it the “Final Touch”. Proactive researching, stepping up the sales pitch, increasing readability, transforming a stale piece of text into something brilliantly interesting. Find our delivery commitments here.