Camping and Outdoor “Fun” Articles

Outdoor camping, Travel gears, Protective Mountaineering Gears, Bag-packing travelers, Adventure trips and night camping – we recently delivered a series of blogs on various “fun” travel niche.

The Blue Tent Camping Assignment:

An overnight camping experience right in the midst of lush greenery is what you need to feel fresh and geared up. The Blue Tent group takes special care to ensure that you get to enjoy your adventure trip to Karjat, without having to worry about logistics and supplies.

Blogs on the Salient Offerings:

  1. Indulge in jungle trekking and explore the endless flora.
  2. Sing, dance and make merry.
  3. Enjoy the bonfire and lip-smacking BBQ.
  4. Treat yourself to a sumptuous breakfast.
  5. Pamper your taste-buds with a delicious lunch.

Blogs on Do’s & Don’t, Instructions and Guidelines:

  1. For family trips, we enforce a 1 adult to 2 child ratio.
  2. Sleep clothes and rain gears could come immensely handy at adventure trip and farm stay.
  3. Long sleeve tops to avoid insect bites.
  4. Please carry adequate Jacket/Sweaters and Caps.
  5. Don’t forget to carry your toiletries comprising of soap /shampoo, Sunscreen, toothbrush/toothpaste, comb/brush, Toilet paper, and essential feminine products.

FAQs from World Nomads: A Premium Travel Insurance Company

We wrote a series of articles for “World Nomads”, a company that deals with premium travel insurance.

Regular travel insurance is mostly limited to providing financial assistance to you in case of accidents or loss of property during transit. However, a backpacker’s insurance, a common term for extensive and custom travel solutions, is valid for a long trip duration (say 15 months) and offers many amenities like medical treatment in a foreign land to covering adventure activities like scuba diving to legal expense coverage.

From Surfing to Mountain Biking to Bungee Jumping, World Nomads can cover you for almost 150+ activities. Even part-time experiences like Teaching or Admin Work or Office Work are also covered.

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Example Snippets: Filling a Claim to Seeking Assistance during Emergencies

Be it in the middle of the trip or after returning back home, any legitimate claims would be duly addressed. Some of the basic documents that are usually required are as follows:

  • Copy of your original round-trip air itineraries for your trip.
  • Invoice and payment documentation.
  • Receipts of additional expenses incurred.
  • Copies of revised flight itinerary, etc.

Feel free to dial 24 X 7 helpline numbers in case of any emergencies. The emergency assistance team is on vigil 24 X 7 providing support all over the continents.

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