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Smart SEO Tweaks to Your Website Content:

So you proactively invested top dollars to hire amazing web developers, UX experts, and marketing professionals to construct a business website. For obvious reasons, you expected a spike in organic traffic, conversions and ROI.  Well, if your business website ranks poorly and gets featured on the 7-8th page in the Search Result, customers would probably never reach your website. 

The organic leads don’t enter the sales funnel unless your business page gets featured right at the top of the list. Web-users seldom traverse through pages 5,6,7… of the Google search results. So the articles, the page content and business objectives would be useless your page ranks at the top of the search results. SEO is therefore of utmost importance.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the visibility optimization of your business website through effective content management.

Customers Really Don’t Care Unless You are at the Top

We just completed a series of similar SEO oriented articles for carpet cleaning services, janitorial services, Armed Guards & Fire Directors services, home guard and security services, etc for an Australian client.

We tailor-make content that is adequately SEO friendly. Few of the key features that we usually incorporate to best leverage the opportunities that SEO offers.

  • Your content should be high-quality, relevant, fresh, and at least 500 words in length.
  • Use Meta-descriptions, Search Tags, SEO keywords, and Backlinks.
  • The target search phrase is included in the page headline and at least one sub-headline.
  • Attentive distribution of the Main, Transition, and LSI keywords.
  • Drop LSI (Latent semantic indexing) keyword in the first 100 words.
  • Use outbound links, wherever possible.
  • Implementing SEO (2014-2015) changes recommended by Google. Using “Conversational Phrases”
  • For WordPress users,  the SEO Plugins Yoast is very effective.
  • Improve the ‘Flesch reading ease score‘ (60+).
  • Avoid passive sentences. (recommended maximum of 10%)
  • Use at least 30% transition words. Avoid 4-5 syllable complex words.
  • LSI Keywords are repeated 3 to 5 times within body copy. (3-5% of body content). Don’t over-do it, or the page may get downgraded as spam. Keep the reader in mind as you work with the target search phrase. Copy should always be reader-friendly.

Our Recent Assignments on SEO Technologies:

  • Blogs on Local SEO strategies, proper On-Page SEO Techniques.
  • Top SEO Methods For Ranking in Search Engines.
  • Proper Way to Build High-Quality Backlinks.
  • Using Press Releases For Diverse Anchor Text.
  • How Using Correct SEO Tags Can Increase Search Rankings.
  • Creating Killer Content For SERPS.
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Articles on Digital Marketing

Example: An Online Sportsbet SEO Content Requirement/ Description

  • Main keyword variations: flag betting, flag betting online, flag bet online.
  • LSI Keywords:  what is a flag bet in horse racing, how to calculate a flag bet, how many bets in a flag, what makes a flag bet, flag bet calculator, flag bet explained, bet a flag, goliath flag bet. (use all of them at least one time in the text – very important for the content relevance)
  • Related Keywords: combination bet, yankee bet, up and down bets, bet types, four fold accumulator, multiple bets, bet details, just one winner, winning selection, ssa bet, other combination bets, complicated bets, same race, horse races, selection wins, unit stake, place bets, super heinz flag
  • Internal linking keywords section (keywords that we will use for future articles/KW we use for existing articles – for relevance): safe betting sites, how to place a bet online, horse racing, free horse racing bets no deposit, horse betting terms, smartest bet in horse racing

Example: An Online Slot SEO Content Requirement/ Description

Slot name] slots – use in the H2 title
play [Slot name] slots
free [Slot name] slots
free [Slot name] slots online
[Slot name] slots free
[Slot name] free slots
[Slot name] slot machine
[Slot name] casino game
free slots [Slot name]
free [Slot name] slot
[Slot name] free slot

  1. LSI Keywords (use each keyword at least once in the text): UK, free, games, casino, play, no download, bonus, real money, and Online.
  2. Words to choose from: deposit, machine, winning, gambling, gaming, payout, jackpot, popular

Cute Snippets: Our Assignments on SEO Concepts and Terminologies

Correct SEO Tags Can Increase Search Rankings

SEO tags are one of the key parameters which hold immense potential, as far as determining website page ranks are concerned. Meta tags are XHTML or HTML tags that are placed within the HTML documents in order to describe the content of the article not just to the visitor on the web but also to the popular search engine that is looking to categorize and rank your article or website.

Prevelant Variations on Meta Tags: Title Tags, Description Meta Tag, Robot Meta Tag, Rating Meta Tag, Publisher Meta Tag, etc.

When a visitor on the website types a particular search word, the search engine will crawl the metadata comprising of these Tags for the most relevant search results.

Local SEO Strategies: Google My Business Page & Schema Markup

For successful business ventures, the appeal to geographic local customers must not be forgotten. A person surfing the web for a barbecue joint in Manhattan must get results around the area and not halfway across the world. This highly effective way of online marketing where business promotion is targeted towards local customers is called Local SEO.

  • The business should have a properly configured Google My Business Page.
  • Attaching the My Business page to a domain email address is a major step towards increased legitimacy.
  • An accurate address, a correct phone number with area code that connects directly to the establishment and authentic website URL are a must.
  • Third-Party Visibility: Several popular websites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Bing, Refer Local, etc. make a local listing of businesses in specific categories of products and services.
  • Local Content: The Landing pages must have Title tags and Meta descriptions containing the city, state, and keywords. The inclusion of business timings and customer testimonials in the landing pages is also recommended.
  • Use of Schema markup: was launched in 2011 to collaborate with search engines and understand important information from websites. The Schema markup tells search engines to display information such as the type of business, venue, business hours, reviews, etc. which is a very useful tool for implementing Local SEO.

Press Releases for Diverse Anchor Text

A press release is an article published on a trending topic and submitted to the press for publishing. The article could be a description and critics of an event or a new business startup or even a new product launch.

Anchor: The anchor text is simply the text that is hyperlinked and can be clicked to lead to another link. If you create an anchor text that is not directly your keyword, SEO terms it as Natural Branded Anchor TextA few elements you could use for Natural Branded Anchor Text are: the site’s URL, business name or brand name, or simply generic terms like click here, read more, know more, etc.

Co-occurrence: Next time you are writing your anchor text, look for phrases that are closely related to your main subject or core keywords. This will help you avoid keyword stuffing.

Domain Name: Using your domain name as your anchor text is a good option for your press release. It will give the readers a clear idea as to where they would be landing once they click on the link.

Business name: The point is to make your anchor links look natural – that is what Google and major search engines look out for. You are the link between your website and your press release that just got published. Flaunt your name in a couple of anchor text for the readers to know the person behind the amazing article they are viewing. Google already knows about it so it won’t count against you.

The Tip of an Iceberg:

Drafting compelling SEO optimized sales copy, landing pages, web content, and E-Mail marketing content has been one of the key skills since the commencement of our Freelancing career. There’s a lot more in store.

I call it the “Final Touch”. Proactive researching, stepping up the sales-pitch, increasing readability, transforming a stale piece of text into something brilliantly interesting. Find our delivery commitments here.