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Did She Call You a “Mama’s Boy”?

To begin with, let’s define the term “Mama’s Boy”.

Any adult man, married or in a relationship, displaying love and affection for his mother, above or beyond the sanctioned limits, could qualify as a “Mama’s Boy”. Well, is that confusing? I mean, look at Rahul Gandhi. In all likelihood, he isn’t in a relationship. And not married either. Yet a nation of 150 Cr population loves to call him a ‘Mama’s Boy’. But that’s a different angle.

Let me attempt at breaking it down for you.

#1 Mom, What’s The Secret Recipe? If the adult man chooses to consult his Mom on her secret cooking recipes instead of consulting the Wife/ Mother-In-Law. Especially if the wife/ Mother-In-Law also claims to be an expert (with years of profound experience) in a similar recipe. The situation quickly aggravates back in the kitchen, when we need to consciously decide between the Mother/ Mother-In-Law’s recipes . In fact, it isn’t about the food or the recipe anymore. It’s about the strategic decision-making.

#2If the man shares cute social media Memes such as “My Mother is the Best” / “Mothers are the Best Friend” / “Missing You Mother” without any specific reason or occasion. On a hypothetical plane, ladies have the warrant to repeatedly express their love for their Mom through verbal and social medias. However, we seldom seldom see Men doing the same.

#3If the adult and busy man decides to chit-chat with the mother more than twice in the same day for an excess of an 30 minutes. I mean, what possibly can you talk about for a whole 30 minutes, especially with the mother. While the female-female interactions usually spans across a crazy multitude of topics ranging from Elon Musk, SpaceX to the neighbours cute dog, a son’s interaction with a mother usually has a precise boundary that exhausts in 10-15 minutes.

It could be wandering around Health, Medicines, Food, trouble-shooting technical problems with the washing machine/ refrigerator, Skype making weird noises and how to permanently get rid of that neighbours cute dog.

#4If an adult man decide to follow the directions laid out by your mother, especially when you should be capable of taking your own independent decisions. That explains Rahul Gandhi. He walked into politics probably because his mother (and family) represented a political family.

#5And the most heinous of all, weighing the scales of justice, if an adult man decides to marginally align with the mother instead of the wife. In the daily 1001+ difference of opinion between the wife and mother. Many of such differences might arise in a context totally unknown to you. The diplomatic skills with which one handles such sensitive situations without infuriating any of the parties requires years of practice and discipline.

#6Here’s Your Homework for the Day: With all the immense insights and spiritual enlightenment you have gained so far through this post, please answer the very simply question that follows – Do you feel, our Indian Bahubali qualifies as a Mama’s Boy too?

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  1. HAHA, saying this just for boys shows gender bias. Why don’t people accuse girls of sharing everything with mom and always looking for MOM’s opinion in every matter after marriage also?
    The reason is faith in mother…boys or girls both confide in their mothers…what’s wrong in it?
    My opinion is a man who cannot respect and trust his mother can never do the same for his wife.
    This topic is very relevant in today’s society as women think HE is just a husband after marriage. What about the woman who spent her life to bring him up?

    My two cents😃😇😂

  2. Why is it that girls can proudly say that they are daddy’s little girl but not the guys can be so proud in calling themselves mama’s boy?? 🤔 why so much bias??

  3. Agreed. A wife/fiancee and a mother have their own importance. Just because a son cares and respects his mother, doesn’t divide his attention towards the lady-love of his life. Yet, this strange notion of branding “Men” as “Mama’s Child” doesn’t seem to go. How does caring for a mother make you a lesser man…I don’t know.

  4. Great topic selection!! Calling a guy like that doesn’t make him Disgrace! I think it only makes him cute. Why only girls can be called mama’s girl while a guy can’t? I don’t understand this!! I think rather he should be called as a gentleman who know how to respect a woman who raised her so well! Just my views… 🙂

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