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Did You Get Your Salary This Month? Be Grateful !!


Did you get a full salary this month? Thank you stars if you did. A striking majority of the global workforce has been surviving on a half or no salary. I have personally witnessed brilliant fellow-workers lose their job. Sheer bad luck and the brutality of time, I would say. Clients running out of operational budgets, projects shutting down, a suffocating rat-race to get yourself a billed role before the organization pulls the plug. I have also seen people getting salaries paid in installments. After they worked diligently for the entire month, without compromise. The last few months have a challenge from each one of us.  The Covid pandemic has rattled the very foundation of how businesses operated across the world. From the local utility store to Corporate behemoths.The world is sinking into a crisis that threatens every inch of our basic livelihood, irrespective of how hard you work or plan to work. So if you are still getting a full pay check, be thankful. If you are getting a chance to work hard, be grateful. At least you are getting a chance to work hard.