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COVID Lockdown Isn’t a Vacation: The Show Would Go On…. Maybe Without You!!

None of us is indispensable. Challenging times motivate us to find alternatives. And the show goes on, uninterrupted. The notions of “comfort”, “dependencies” and “continuity” are strangely relative and vary with circumstances.

The COVID crisis has compelled the world to step out of their comfort zones and search for parallel survival options.  Explore alternative arrangements that are less expensive, easy to avail and more sustainable. We have learned to “adapt” and “evolve”. So, irrespective of your skills, dependencies, and reputation, we are all replaceable and dispensable. Nothing stops for no one. The COVID lockdown confirms that beyond doubt.

With offices closed, most organized sector jobs have transitioned into WFH alternatives. We have managed to connect, coordinate and deliver – almost seamlessly. In fact, business continuity is of paramount importance. And this is absolutely not a long vacation.


The LockDown isn’t a Long Vacation

While most of us are confined within our houses, let’s not misunderstand this lockdown as a lengthy paid vacation. Most businesses are suffering astronomical losses and revenues are kissing the dust. No potential leads, no new clients, no pipeline projects and chaos that doesn’t seem to end. Most companies are re-evaluating their priorities and shutting down ancillary services, to reduce costs. So imagine, a digitization IT project that seemed critical just a few months back could be delayed or canceled overnight. Consequently, the bunch of IT staff who were operating 15 hours a day could lose their employment. Overnight !! Therefore, jobs are at stake and our livelihood is questionable. This is not how a vacation feels like.

Are You Making Yourself Disposable?

When you stay at home “not doing anything”, it essentially indicates that your organization is bleeding. Precisely the reason why there’s is no work to do. Yet, most companies have been paying salaries to its thousands (or millions) of employees worldwide. Is this a sustainable model? With cash-inflows gradually emptying up, how long can the firms afford to fund salaries? Hence, if you aren’t “doing anything”, it’s time to be concerned. You aren’t upskilling or contributing. And in all possibilities, you are making yourself disposable.

Be appreciative that you have work and the paychecks are getting credited. So stop cribbing about extended working hours and imperfect logistics. These are unusual times and demand unusual dedications.