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Success Story? Did You Thank those Faceless People Who Supported You?

Success stories are brilliant and inspirational. How brave men fought against the mighty odds and emerged a winner. How a mother of two kids shot up the corporate ladder, competed against fierce contenders and became the organizational front-runner. Examples such as these definitely motivate others in the same genre to rise up and shine. However, most of these stories fail to acknowledge the several faceless entities who willingly contributed towards the success. Often from the background, without any recognition whatsoever.

For example, the grandparents who tirelessly took care of the kids while the parents worked through late shifts and long meetings. The path to promotions and sumptuous incentives isn’t an easy one. It demands undivided dedication and time. So don’t forget to include the grandparents while celebrating your achievements. They were a key catalyst that made it possible for you to pursue those ambitious career paths.


Did you Appreciate the People Who Funded Your “Growth” Phase?

Unlike regular jobs that come with a guaranteed monthly paycheck, freelancers usually have a long “growth” phase. For a freelancer like myself, the formative years comprised of growing the right connections, on-boarding retainer clients, work on dirt-cheap rates to earn ratings or testimonials and finally building up a credible profile. This takes a few years of time and effort. The same goes for authors, painters, and other self-employed individuals. Don’t forget to thank the people who willingly paid your bills, rents, mortgages and funded you through this “growth” phase. You managed to take up the risks of pursuing an unconventional dream because these faceless people stood right behind you in the background. Strengthening your morale with money, motivation, and prayers.

We managed to focus on our career dreams because we had people back home taking care of our kids, family and daily chores. Yet, success stories seldom appreciate them with due recognition. Don’t forget to acknowledge these wonderful people.


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