Amazon Product Reviews

Drafting SEO-optimized product sales copy & campaigns, product landing pages, business strategies & proposals, and E-Mail marketing content has been one of our key skills so far.

Converting Leads to Opportunities: Product and Business Blogs Approach

Writing demography targetted product campaigns, landing pages, product blogs, email automation scripts, and auto-responders for Amazon, The Home Depot, Ezine, etc are some of our key areas of expertise. We have reviewed a wide range of product categories such as AirFryers, Spin Mops, LED Grow Lights, Weed Eaters, Lawn Mowers, Furniture & Home Decor, Men’s & women’s apparel, etc. 

A Typical Product Sales Page Structure:

  • Begin with interactive questions.
  • Talk about the problems that readers might be facing.
  • Offer them HOPE: How the product (or service) could revolutionize their lives.
  • Specify vital details, color, shape, size, etc. Highlight warranty and support details.
  • Offer a free consultation/ demo – Offer a Toll-Free number.
  • Convince them to leave behind an E-Mail Id. (Sales funnel)
  • A consolidated batch of Email auto-responders. (Customer engagement)
  • Involve in Social Media Campaigns (Facebook / Twitter marketing)
  • Send organizational initiatives & updates and monthly reports (Customer engagement)
  • Create effective Backlinks for your business.
  • Call-For-Action (Implementing the sales funnel)
  • End with loyalty bonus codes and discounts vouchers(Customer Retention)

Our Latest Set of Product Descriptions and Reviews Includes:

  • Reviews for 10 Amazon-listed Straight Razor (Dovo, Boker USA Edelweiss)
  • Reviews for 10 Amazon-listed Pega Pig Deluxe Play Sets (Deluxe House Playset, School Bus Deluxe, etc.)
  • Reviews for AirFryers (Avalon Bay, Philips, Versonel, etc)
  • Specification reviews for 10 best power banks (Anker PowerCore 20100, Poweradd Pilot X7, Jackery Titan)
  • Product descriptions for lawn weed eaters (String Trimmer, Chainsaw, Gasoline-powered Gas weed eater)
  • Product blogs for home furnishing products (Armchairs and stools, aluminum Lounge Chair, Entertainment Centers, Fancy Mirrors, Clocks)
  • 200+ Amazon reviews for exercise slide boards, under-desk Ellipticals, and skateboard articles.
  • 700 words Amazon reviews of Electric Motorbikes and Electric Bicycles.

I call it the “Final Touch”. Proactive researching, stepping up the sales pitch, increasing readability, transforming a stale piece of text into something brilliantly interesting. Find our delivery commitments here.