Sales Brochures, Landing Pages & Company Profiles

Drafting compelling sales brochures, “How To” guides on Social Media Marketing, Online Sales Integrations, Web-Analytic, real-time cross-selling campaigns have been some of my niche skills.

A precise, crisp and informative landing page have the key potential to captivate the flux of organic leads (visitors) and convert them into potential opportunities (conversion rate).

1. Highlighting the business’s mission and objective.
2. Hinting towards the range of salient services offered.
3. Establishing a brand value and instill a sense of faith among potential customers.

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Killer Sales Copy-writing & Internet Media Marketing:

  • Company lead magnet page, Sales page (free discovery call) for Eurobridge consultancy (Advisers for U.K R&D Tax Credit Scheme)
  • Company Profile & Website pages for Digital Ascend (London based Digital Marketing, SEO and Network Security company)
  • “About Us” / Capability Brochure page for Digital Marketing Company – MUD Inclusive.
  • Blogs and sales funnel copies for Veloxity – phone charging station (LockerPower kiosk at schools).
  • Landing pages, FAQ, Email campaigns and User Guide for an Online Education / Academic portal: Spur Spot.
  • Web content for a Website Brokerage Firm: Buy and Sell (Florida Business)
  • Landing Pages, web-content and Blogs for The Revolution Group (TRG)
    • Owns Revolution Development, Security, IT, Computing, and Zime.
    • Offers credit card fraud protection / e-commerce fraud detection / identity verification services / Local IT services / Business IT solutions.
  • Business pages on Who We Are, What We Sell, Who We Sell To, Company Overview, Products, and Services for Do-IT Consulting USA.
  • Google Analytics Persona (Brief biography and contribution) – Simo Ahava, Benjamin Mangold, Russell Brunson, and Avinash Kaushik.
  • Facebook Marketing – Chiropractic and Clinical Nutrition.
  • Facebook Marketing – Parenting, Children’s issues, and Good Nutrition.
  • Facebook Marketing / MailChimp E-Mail campaign – ModTempo Furniture Sale.
  • Facebook Marketing – Functional Medicine for Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome.
  • Facebook Marketing – Functional Medicine for Diabetes.
  • Facebook Marketing – Functional Medicine for Acid Reflux.
  • Facebook Marketing – Functional Medicine for Back And Neck Pain.

Leveraging the benefits of Online Business Revolution:

We particularly excel at writing motivational and professional articles targeted towards business owners intending to educate them and leverage the infinite possibilities of Online Business Space.

  • How to reach out to a wider customer base across geographic boundaries, demographics, and cultures.
  • How to allow easy customer access to the latest product brochures and catalogs.
  • How to achieve easy sales and invoice monitoring, inventory management and synchronization.
  • How to connect multiple geographic branches and outlets.
  • How to provide quick and effective multi-language 24X7 customer support.

Help Business Owners Embrace the Paradigm Shift:

We have also been writing extensively on orientation and training programs intended to align staff and managers with the new digital journeys.

  • The Business Managerís Guide to Building Your First Website.
  • Designing the correct pages – Home/Services Offered/ Product brochures/Contact Us.
  • Designing E-Mail campaigns and Sales Funnels.
  • Basic SQL for startup Business Owners.
  • Insight into e-Procurement and e-Invoicing strategies.
  • Standardization of Input /Output Data across business partners.
  • How to train staff on Computers/ Laptops.
  • Choose the best Web hosting service provider.
  • How to implement Network Security and Monitoring features.

Typical Approach Guide to Engaging Sales Brochures:

  • Begin with interactive questions.
  • Talk about problems that readers might be facing. Address their pain areas.
  • Offer hope. Explain how the product (or service) could revolutionize their lives.
  • Highlight salient attributes/USPs, vital specifications – color, shape, size, etc.
  • Highlight warranty and support details. Offer comparative analysis.
  • Highlight customer care details. (Multi-lingual/ 24 X 7/ Multi-Geography)
  • Highlight (Free) shipping details. Expedited delivery options.
  • Offer free consultation and demo. Encourage customers to fill in the Email survey. Call-For-Action (Sales Funnel)
  • Consolidated batch of Email auto-responders. (Customer Engagement)
  • Involve in Social Media Campaigns (Facebook / Twitter marketing)
  • Send organizational initiatives & updates and monthly reports (Customer Engagement)
  • Create effective Back-links for your business.
  • Offers loyalty bonus and discounts (Customer Retention)

I call it the “Final Touch”. Proactive researching, stepping up the sales-pitch, increasing readability, transforming a stale piece of text into something brilliantly interesting. Find our delivery commitments here.