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Bangalore based IT Professional Arrested. Caused Irreparable Psychological Damage to Project Manager

Shiv Kumar Chatur, a 24 years old software engineer working at a Bangalore based IT firm, has been arrested last night from his rented apartment. He has been accused of causing mental trauma and irreparable psychological damage to his project manager Mr. M Podugu. The police charged him with section 377 of the Indian Penal Code after the company’s HR department filed an FIR against Chatur accusing him of gross Human Rights violation.  Chatur would be produced in court later next week.

IT Fraternity Shocked: Repeatedly Disagreed with Boss

According to the HR head, Chatur a junior developer has shocked the corporate fraternity by “repeatedly disagreeing” with his boss Mr. Podugu. An action that caused immense psychological stress to Mr.Podugu, who never had any subordinate that dared to question his decisions and argue. In his 23 years of exceptional IT career, Mr. Podugu has managed more than 400+ associates across many designations. According to sources, each of the 400+ associates has always unanimously applauded any decisions that the boss took. They diligently laughed when Mr. Podugu cracked any joke, irrespective of the merit. They attentively listened and nodded in agreement to anything Mr. Podugu ever said. For months, the associates have stayed back in the office till late hours simply because Mr. Podugu wasn’t willing to return home. The corporate industries have always glorified and appreciated individuals who willingly sulk at office beyond business hours. The team always showed utmost loyalty and obedience towards their boss. Some of them had been duly rewarded with the prestigious “Employee of the Quarter” awards. A coffee mug, a certificate signed by Mr. Podugu and a cash incentive of INR 2000 minus Income taxes.

Chatur Was Setting the Wrong Examples.

“The Boss is always Right. Absolutely always !! You don’t argue, question or doubt him. And this certain devotion should originate from within. Naturally. Without compulsion or fear. Not because the Boss holds the invisible leash to your elusive growth curve. Not because keeping him happy gets you better incentives. Definitely not because you get preferential appraisal benefits. Appraisal process across most companies are so transparent, automated and data-driven. Bosses hardly influence any decisions. Isn’t it? Don’t we all know?” – clarified one of the company’s HR personnel on conditions of anonymity.

“We agree to our bosses because we love him so much. Because he is like a powerhouse of unbounded knowledge and wisdom. Disagreeing with your Boss is an unpardonable sin. A breach of conventions” –The furiously hysteric HR further continued “Chatur is setting the wrong examples and should be penalized.”

Heated Argument Leading to Health Plight

The incident occurred last week when Mr. Podugu was conducting the mandatory post-appraisal discussions with his team. “360 Degree Appraisals” as the corporates call it. Impartial, automated and always correct. Every associate humbly accepted their in-numerous faults and shortcomings, that the Appraisal system bluntly pointed out depending on just a few variable criteria. The market condition, company growth, department revenues, future pipelines, personal achievements, personal goals, contributions, this, that, ………. Just a few more…….your height, weight, your dog’s height, your dog’s weight………….the local weather, yearly temperature average……..and a few more. 

So the appraisal system was churning out accurate reasons justifying the candidate’s ineligibility for promotions or any increments this year. Mr. Podugu was a humble spokesperson conveying the same to his team.

Chatur was last seen barging out of the room shouting “I want better reasons…”. Apparently, Chatur was a promotion nomination candidate this year. And Mr. Podugu had cited reasons which Chatur didn’t find acceptable. “Need to improve interpersonal skills and team participation. What the heck is that supposed to mean?” people heard Chatur complaining.

In a rare show of athletics, the 5 feet, 11 inches Mr. Podugu was seen running around frantically along the corridors probably looking for Chatur. According to eye-witnesses, his face was unusually red and trouser had wet stains which looked like a momentary bladder leak. Though he consistently insisted it was just a coffee spill. Mr. Podugu looked severely agitated. Later that day, he started complaining of chest pain and blurred vision and was immediately sent back home. In spite of several attempts, Mr. Podugu was unreachable for comments. It was around 8 PM that he marked himself “safe” on Facebook, bringing much-needed relief to his countless well-wishers.

Shiv Kumar Chatur was arrested from his apartment, where he shared a room with 7 other IT employees.

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