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Student motivation is a key trigger that defines the success of a Learning Center. The success of a Learning Center is usually measured in terms of student achievements and their enthusiasm to excel. Motivating a student through accolades, awards, positive notes and public acknowledgment drives them to perform better and try harder. While student success can be directly linked with pleased parents, the success stories and testimonials could herald a growth in your Learning Center business.

Integrated Online Learning Center Management System (LMS): Student Onboarding, Reward Programs, Parent Engagement, and Social Advocating 

We have been functional in drafting FAQs, self-help guides and sales-funnel articles for an Integrated Online Learning Center Management platform. The articles and guides pertain to student motivation, parent engagements, effective communication and social media strategies for cross-selling.

The objective was to highlight the salient features and attract franchisees / after-school tutorial agencies to purchase the LMS (Learning Center Management System) product.

1. General Learning Center Awareness.
2. Rewards Management (Points and Badges).
3. Tutoring Franchise (Customer Acquisition and Retention).
4. After School Programs (LMS Objectives)
5. Parent Notification (EMail campaigns & Social Media attentions)
6. Student Motivation (Applause programs)
7. Awards and points (Customer Engagement, Proud parents as brand advocates)
8. Focus on how to calculate customer lifetime value for a subscription-based business like a student learning center.

FAQs and User-Guide for the Integrated Online Learning Center Management System

A detailed step-by-step guide explaining what is customer retention and customer lifetime value with supporting screenshots.

  1. Steps to perform key operations – Adding students, awarding points, sending automated emails to Parents.
  2. Segregating the FAQs into logical modules for Parents, Academy center owners, and tutors.
  3. Providing links pointing to appropriate pages on the website.
  4. Detailed screenshots showcasing salient features.

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Example Q&A(s): User-Guide for the Integrated Online Learning Center Management System (LMS)

1. How can I Assign a new Class to a Student?
2. How can I import the existing student database?
3. How can I edit existing student records?
4. How can I delete a student record from the Learning Center repository?
5. Can I add a new award category to the existing list?
6. How to assign a Particular Award to a Student?
7. What are the two Award categories – encouraging award (which adds points) or a discouraging award (which subtracts points)?
8. Is it possible to award negative points to a particular student?
9. Can I update the points and the badge associated with a particular award?
10. How do I edit the award notification email template?
11. Can I save the award notification email as a draft for further review?
12. How can I add a new Instructor to a class?
13. Can the center Administrator also be an Instructor?
14. How can I view the list of instructors in a particular class?
15. How do I delete an instructor record from the database?

Parents & Students as Social Media Advocates

Parents are particularly skeptic when it comes to academics. So, the learning centers are solely responsible to convince and impress parents on the following parameters:

  • Learning centers are responsible for children’s education.
  • The Learning centers are honest with their objectives, plans, and strategies.
  • The Learning centers showcase certain integrity and seriousness towards the child’s academic future.

An engaged customer and a motivated student could turn into a potential social media advocate for the business. Sharing wonderful testimonials, positive feedbacks, great reviews and success stories with friends, relatives, and colleagues could do absolute wonders. In short, a happy customer turns into a social advisor recommending the learning center to a hundred others.

  • A proud parent usually uses social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter to share positive success stories.
  • A proud parent would be more likely to continue with the Learning Center. From a business perspective, this results in definitive Customer Retention.

High-Quality Blogs and Automated Email Content: Published Across Numerous Public Forums.

1. Awards and Points: Customer engagement through student motivation.
2. Promote your After School programs through Proactive Cross Marketing.
3. Customer Engagement: The secret formula for your Learning Center growth.
4. Awards, Accolades, Likes, and Shares – The Low-Cost Solution for your marketing needs.
5. Awards and Points: Rewards management for increased student motivation.
6. How Automating your Student Rewards program could Save Big Dollars!!

Inspirational Email Campaigns to Promote Sales-Funnel Oriented LMS 

  • Harvard Business School reports that by increasing customer retention rates 5%, you increase profits by 25%-95%
  • The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 – 70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20% (Marketing Metrics)
  • According to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase.

Special Focus on Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Customer Engagement

Retained customers are the key to an improved Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). The Customer Lifetime Value is essentially the total worth of a customer to the company during this time. While it may seem strange to put a total dollar amount to your clients, it is important for you to understand what this number is and what you can do to improve it. Below are four ways that you can increase your Customer Lifetime Value:

  • Ask for Feedback: By making your customers feel heard, you also make them feel important.  Sometimes just the act of listening or requesting feedback can improve a customer’s loyalty.
  • Deliver Personalized Experiences: Personalized feedback helps your customers feel like you are interested and invested in them personally.
  • Incentives for Loyal Customers: Customers love to earn rewards and points.  Think about ways that you can provide incentives for loyal customers.  Whether it’s earning a badge or receiving a discount for referring other customers, consider ways that you can provide incentives.
  • Stand out from the Competition: In the age of cut-throat competition, it is evident that your business needs to devise unique and innovate mechanisms to stay ahead of potential competitors. Automated emails with social media integration sent out to parents when their children perform extraordinarily in class; serve as a great motivation for both students and parents.

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The fine amalgamation of Indoor care topics with an underlying sales funnel is what we excel at. Deciding on a target audience, putting forward a Call-For-Action, promoting a subtle back-link to the parent site and triggering organic marketing are few of the prevalent techniques we usually use. Find our delivery commitments here.