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A team should be diverse enough to accommodate an entire corporate spectrum comprising of millennials to experienced managers. This helps in achieving a perfect blend of skills, attitude, and perseverance.

We have been drafting compelling bi-weekly blogs on business operations, team management, project execution tips, appraisal processes and business forecasting. Professional development for millennials, a balance between Paid vs Unpaid internships, need for workshops, seminars, corporate training and implementation of S.M.A.R.T goals are certain key areas we have been categorically writing on.

From startup tips, millennial outlooks, business operations blog, team management, appraisal processes and achieving SMART goals, I have been writing a wide range of very interesting articles for leading corporations and agencies.

Few of our recent Blogging Assignments are as follows:

  • Training & Development – 5 Action Steps for Success
  • Financial Management Solution – Stay ahead of the fiscal curve.
  • Financial Sustainability and Expected future Revenues
  • Financial Forecast vs. Actual Expenses: Mitigating Risks
  • Operations: Policy VS. Process VS. Procedure
  • Operations: Are You Managing Efficiently?
  • SMART – Execution of Strategic Planning
  • Are millennial the problem in your workplace?
  • Interns: Should We or Shouldn’t We?
  • Paid vs Unpaid internships: Is it an investment or costly mistake?
  • Is Employee Satisfaction Really Linked to Profitability?
  • Getting out-of-the-box ideas: Interns Are your Solution.
  • Is Your Boss Really Bad – A Different Perspective
  • Handling Mistakes At The Workplace
  • Role of Training in Workplace.
  • Training Process for New Employees
  • Is Your Boss Really Bad – A Different Perspective

Drafting compelling Business operations blog, team management, project execution tips, appraisal processes and business forecasting are the key areas we have been focusing on.

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