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How the “Double-Bed” Screwed Our Personal Space !!

Double-Bed was probably the most disruptive invention of all times. That’s exactly when our Human race started losing its shreds of personal space. Even before GPS trackers, Facebook check-ins and our nosy aunties unanimously screwed over the remaining percentages of our personal space. The double-bed is the final point of Deja-Vu for the furious wife, confused husband, nosy mother and blood-thirsty siblings. You could strategically escape away to office, loiter around the streets or disconnect the phone calls. But the double-bed at home is the vicious epicenter, where you need to return back. The double-bed is where you face your Karma and settle the dust.

The transition from Single-Bed to the Double-Bed marks the ceremonies start of numerous life-altering events.

It all starts with the pristinely decorated Double-Bed on the wedding night, where your abilities to hump the newly-married wife, gets applauded by the society outside the room. This is followed by numerous ecstatic coital episodes on that double-bed, until the society starts demanding a tangible “result” from the marathon humping – A child. Meanwhile, the Double-Bed starts introducing the couple to the perils of the diminishing personal choices. The heated Mother-In-Law discussions, “who cooks better” judgement calls, sniffing into each other’s phones, arguments over financial decisions, family functions, travel and accommodation plans and a lot many things. The Double-Bed is where it all attains closure.

The 72’’ X 48’’ double-bed witnesses the culmination of all universal forces. Either the couples attains self-realization and separates to a Single-Bed arrangement, or succumbs to social pressure and involves in more unprotected coitus to pop out a child. While your personal space had already been compromised long back, you brace yourself for more responsibilities, even lesser personal space and more commitments, all on the Double-Bed.

The double bed is an Ultimate Teacher. It teaches you to Compromise, Adapt and Manage.

The double bed teaches you what your Mother or Mrs. Gonzales at school couldn’t. It teaches you to compromise, adapt and manage. You can no longer enjoy Netflix on speakers. Its time to grab your headphones. You can no longer keep the bed-side lamp switched on. You can no longer enjoy your Beer and Chicken Tandoori right on the bed. You can no longer fart carelessly into the blanket. You can no longer sleep like an Ameba, stretched recklessly across the bed. Double-bed trains you in self-realization and self-control.

Remember, Double-Bed is more than a mere piece of wooden furniture. It’s a pathway to the layers of life.

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