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The Mysterious “Kala Tika” on Chandrayan 2: ISRO Explains, NASA Confirms.

The International media and social media gurus seemed baffled to notice a massive round black dot on the recently launched Chandrayan 2, the second lunar exploration mission by the Indian Space research Organization (ISRO). The huge black dot smeared on the front face of the space vehicle looked like a hasty last-minute patchwork. Social media was abuzz with theories that the “kala tika” was part of some ancient Vedic tradition, that ISRO had embraced because they were “worried” about the fate of Chandrayan 2.

After much public speculation, one of the ISRO Senior Scientist (Astrophysicists), Mr. Venkatesh clarified at a press conference held at the ISRO convocation center in Bangalore that the black dot was a part of Indian mythological beliefs for centuries. It was supposedly placed to keep the space vehicle safe from inter-galactic evil forces and negative cosmic powers, beyond the anticipation and control of technologies. 

Protecting Indian Children for Ages: Since Vedic Times

According to The Association of Self-Proclaimed Indian God Men (ASIGM), the “Kala tika” is fundamentally responsible for warding off up to 37% of negative waves that could adversely impact a child’s health and well-being. The waves, they explained, could be emitted from potential Negative Energy Sources (NES) such as ranting aunts, snobbish uncles, mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, etc. These negative waves impact the body’s immune system, thereby making it severely vulnerable to germs and disease-causing pathogens. The “Kala tika” or Black Dot has been a part of Indian traditions for decades. Indian babies, usually have this “Kala tika(s)” marked on their foreheads, feet and many other strategic places to provide 360-degree protection from bad omen, evil stares, and unholy aura. In a recently published press-release, the ASIGM also confirmed that – “Imagine how the lower-middle-class/ lower-class Indian societies survive diseases and illness, with such nominal access to health insurance, qualified medical care or public health support. The huge Kala tika(s) on their foreheads is the key.  

While new-age Indian millennials considered the “Kala tika” as a mere act of superstition, Indian parents and family elders insisted on the principles of – “larger the dot, better the protection.”

Kala Tika

NASA Agrees to ISRO Theory: Relates Black Dot (Kala Tika) with Black Hole

Acclaimed scientists and enlightened educationists from NASA published a Newsletter relating the Indian mythological Black Dot to the Black Hole saying – “The black hole is still an astronomic wonder and a subject of immense curiosity. The gravitational pull within the Black Hole is so intense that even matter and radiations fail to escape it. The Indian Kala Tika or Black Dot has similar powers of unimaginable proportions. No wonder, India has been a frontrunner, when it comes to progressive thinking.” The statement from NASA came at a perfect time when ISRO was faced with criticisms from Indian scientific vigilantes, for believing in such “superstitions”.

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