Delivery Commitments

We are here to establish credibility. So sincerity and honesty are definitely our guiding principles. And those probably are the key reasons why Words Kraft has a plethora of regular clients. Even better, most of these wonderful clients keep returning back to us with more and more assignments. The continued association and mutual trust we share with our clients are so amazing that we have often worked without any formal contracts, escrows, or milestones.

The Pledge of Quality and Commitment:

Most clients explicitly look for native writers. We are not native speakers or writers. But we make every commitment to deliver top-notch work. We don’t believe in fluff writing and filler content.

  • Top Content Writers‘ on UpWork, with 14+ years of experience (Across leading project marketplaces)
  • 800/1000/2000+ words articles with Main/ LSI keyword/ Longtail SEO KW.
  • Very comfortable in U.S/ U.K English and adhere to strict deadlines.
  • Reviews and content drafted in £/€ and $ currencies (as necessary and applicable). Use of ethical VPN software to research country-specific currency figures.
  • Timely deliveries and continuous communication. 18 Hrs average availability over Skype and Emails.
  • Generation and submission of the plagiarism-checker report(s) using : 
  • Professional content presentation: Headings, sub-headings, bullets, and indentations.
  • Royalty-free images from , or
  • Necessary APA and Harvard referencing styles.
  • Experience with targeted writing. (Every article has an intended audience)
  • Outbound referencing to credible/authoritative websites. (.gov, .edu, .org)
  • Example: , , etc. for Healthcare, Nutritional topics.
  • Statistics/data/research from Statista, ResearchGate, or other reliable sources as applicable.
  • Attention to detail, facts, and supporting information. Scientifically aggregated. No fluff. No content fillers.

SEO Skills And Readability Scores

Adhering to the following pre-defined Yoast SEO guidelines.

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We use the following Yoast page for real-time content analysis:

Free plagiarism checker:

Grammarly Online:

What do we need to Get Started on a Project?

  • Any preferred narrative style? Any sample websites/ blogs as references?
  • Do you require the writer/ freelancer to work on in-house Project management platforms? Example: JIRA, Asana, Trello?
  • Do you need Main/ LSI keyword tweaks?
  • Do you need outbound links to credible/authoritative websites? Reference sites?
  • Do you need any targeted writing? For what demography?

Steps to Get Started with a Project.

  • Deciding on the narrative style, targeted demography, and structural details.
  • Data research and fact-checks. Gathering links to credible authority sites if needed.
  • Drafting of content. Grammarly and plagiarism checks.
  • Uploading of files onto Google Drive and granting Full (Editor) access to the client.
  • Addressing any feedback and comments as part of the review process.

Wondering why clients categorically ask for Native writers? Here’s our opinion.