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‘Like’ my Blog & I will ‘Like’ your Blog.

So what did you read recently? How long did you spend reading the blog? Or did you just glance through the headings? Or scroll through the post, paused at the pictures, spent a moment and continued scrolling. Yes, we quickly press the “like” button, share the post and place a comment –“Great article. Please visit my web space @”. The certain vagueness of the comment speaks for itself.  Because we are majorly unsure of what the post actually contained. And we move onto the next post.

Mesopotamian Barter System: Reincarnated

Except for a handful of acclaimed bloggers, everyone else seems to follow a certain barter system. No one cares to actually read. “Please like my post and I will like your post”. Cute!! That’s a reincarnation of the Mesopotamian barter system.


Do we Have Enough Serious Readers?

We have been witnessing an intimidating rise in enthusiastic bloggers, YouTubers, and guest writers. Nothing fundamentally wrong in it. At least we are part of a community that’s moving ahead along the literary curve. However, the exploding volume of ideas, opinions, reviews, propagandas flooding the social media has imposed on us a strange little problem. Do we have enough serious readers?

Like. Share. Comment. Move On !!

Most of us seem obsessed with the number of likes and shares that our blogs receive. Did you ever wonder, how many of these visitors cared to actually read the content? How many of them actually reciprocate back with a relevant sensible comment?

The ivy league bloggers usually enjoy a set of honest followers who track and read their posts religiously. For other “common” bloggers (like myself), the traffic at your website is somewhat proportional to the social media popularity your command.

Keep Harassing With Pokies and Invites

Get yourself an FB Page: The most elementary of all. An FB page channelizes your intentions and represents a brand. So create an FB page. Invite every of your friend (and their friends) to like the page. Keep harassing them with pokes and invites again and again, unless they absolutely freak out and hit the like button out of sheer frustration. And FYI, I have heard, you can also ‘buy’ FB page likes. A zillion fake non-existent users would shower your FB page with unconditional love. Well, I call that a good start.

Spark Off Controversial Debates

Join hundreds (or thousands) of Facebook groups: Go on a berserk hunting spree. Join anything that starts with “Writing”, “Blogging”, “Writers”, “Blog”, “Author”, etc. Find as many relevant or irrelevant FB pages as you can. Post content that can evoke interest and initiate controversial debates. These groups supposedly comprise of intellectual humans who love to engage themselves in brain-numbing arguments.  Remember, “How I milked my pet cat Shelly” is hardly a discussion starter. Don’t forget to like back as many pages you can. That’s how love grows.

Shangri-La of the Blogging Fraternity

You need to make Blogger friends: Connecting with the right people provides a boost to your visibility. It isn’t an easy task though. Find the Shangri-La of the Blogging fraternity. Forums where top bloggers are engaging in debates, arguments, and discussions. So you will need to read their posts and participate with sharp responses. Factually and contextually correct response. Restraint from posting silly comments – “Great post”, “I agree”, “How true”. This will make you the goat everyone unanimously ignores. Once you start shoving your fat head into every post and liter the comments section with your valuable opinions, the members of the Shangri-La might reciprocate. They might read your blog and leave behind a debatable comment. Subsequently, the other readers might follow in to participate in the discussion.

The Final Moment of Orgasm

Bingo !! That’s like the final moments of orgasm. Your blog finally gets the action it deserves. So, all you need is a remarkable social media presence. Every time. In buses, trains, at the office, at home, while craping, during dinner, after dinner, in bed, at vacations, at parties, everywhere. Because the amount of attention your blog gets is directly proportional to how active you are on social media. Who cares about genuine content anyways? A reader usually spends an average of 59 seconds at a blog page.

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