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Not a Native Speaker? You are Ineligible, Therefore…

I understand why many Western and European clients are so adamant about hiring a native speaker for writing jobs. The certain obvious ‘standard of guarantee’ that comes associated with the prestigious class of native speakers, is a feat that one may not expect from a writer of non-native origin.

It doesn’t necessarily mean, that the non-English speaking countries in our part of the world are still using hand gestures, sign languages, and strange vocal modulations to exchange information and emotions in daily life. We are quite competent in various shades that the English language comprises of. 

Just that, a native speaker is expected to meet certain baseline standards in English vocabulary. Mostly since the folks from the western world have used English for ordinary regular communication in their daily lives.


Does a native speaker automatically qualify as an impactful writer as well?

I am from India and that’s definitely not an English speaking country. Nevertheless, in the Indian sub-continent, English happens to be a very popular conversational language among wide demographic strata comprising of millennials and corporate to defense and media sectors. They love the language.

A whopping percentage of the student fraternity has been showing magical keenness towards English literature, English history and English courses at university over conventional job-centric technology courses which played a crucial role in re-defining India as the Global Technology Hub”. And yes, most of these young guns can flaunt an English vocabulary that could often outshine a regular native speaker.

Certain key Virtues constitutes a Professional Writer:

  • Eagerness to learn, understand and align oneself to a certain business.
  • Performing effective Internet research.
  • Consolidating and interesting presentation of relevant information.
  • Evoking the reader’s curiosity through ‘spikes’ to re-focus attention.
  • Remembering that a bland monotonous article never scores.
  • Paying attention to details. Referencing of facts as necessary.
  • Having a rich stock of words.

Precisely, your article should be ‘smart’. Clearly, none of the above has a direct connection or advantage point when it comes to native speakers.

Expert-level writing is a matter of inherent skill, which gets refined through adequate education, intelligent research, smart presentations, and a strong urge to create a wonderful article.


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