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Religions So Smeared With Blood, Scandals & Corruptions: Where’s the Faith?

What is a religion? Religion is a set of principles and regulations that possibly lead us to the Almighty. A sort of guidebook which was formulated by enlightened holy men who graced the earth centuries back. The originals and frontrunners. They practiced a life of selflessness and sacrifice. They preached to the mass about kindness and forgiveness.

Religions were born when the “human” disciples/followers began interpreting these holy ideas and devised amazingly cryptic and misleading pseudo-formulas which would help relatively inferior beings like ourselves to connect with God. Like a guidebook with discrete success formulas. “10 Proven Methods to Cleanse Your Soul.”

Since then, the world has been spectacularly divided by mass hysteria and fanatics, mostly driven by contrasting ideologies laid out by popular religions – Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, etc. Countries attacked, crusades fought, humans slaughtered, riots started and lives devastated. All because we wanted to find God.

Every Religion Created their Version of “Gods”: A Few Million.

Figuratively, the existence of “God” in tangible form is still elusive. So every religion created their version of “Gods”. Religions were further divided over issues of faiths and ideologies. What gradually emerged was a vast man-made chaos, instigating a system of corruption, greed, and exploitation.

  • Hinduism, for example, has 33 Million Gods.
  • Christianity has Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestantism.
  • Islam divided into Sunni, Shi’ite, and Sufi.
  • Buddhism with three branches, namely Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana.
  • Judaism classified into Orthodox, Reform, and Conservative.

The crushing responsibilities of “controlling” these religions have been passed on to mortals “gatekeepers” through well-connected networks branching down to every country, states, cities, and villages. An arrangement led by Priests, Swamis, Gurus, Caliphs, Imams, Pope, Archbishops and so on. Each with their distinct version and perceptions of religion. Religions have been manipulated and demented by leaders, who preyed upon the believers and leveraged our fears, to extract money, respect, and loyalty.


Religions So Smeared With Blood, Scandals & Corruptions: Where’s the Faith?

Religions have been smeared with scandals, crimes and atrocities, all under the heinous veil of spirituality. A billion dollars’ worth organized sector that has been manipulating the society. Infusing fear and influencing minds. Setting up elaborate ritualistic guidelines and expectations that would help humans ward off griefs and misfortunes.

Which God ever wanted their followers to offer human sacrifices? Which God ever wanted us to donate plump cash to temples and churches? Which God ever wanted deaf children to be trained in sexual acts? Which God ever wanted us to start riots, burn houses and rape women? Which God ever wanted criminals, murderers, money launderers and sexual predators to represent religions?

While God in all forms is the epitome of grace and compassion, religions are stained with acts of contradictions, scandals, barbarism, and bloodshed.

1,000 Sexual Abuse committed by 300 “predator” Priests at Pennsylvania  Catholic Church

A snippet from ‘The Independent‘:

Priests were raping little boys and girls, and the men of God who were responsible for them not only did nothing; they hid it all. For decades,”

Pope Francis decried the alleged abuses in the open letter published on Monday, writing: “It is essential that we, as a Church, be able to acknowledge and condemn, with sorrow and shame, the atrocities perpetrated by consecrated persons, clerics, and all those entrusted with the mission of watching over and caring for those most vulnerable.”

The Washinton Post writes: 

As the #MeToo movement has swept into communities of faith, several high-profile leaders have fallen: Paige Patterson, the president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, was forced into early retirement this month after reports that he’d told a rape victim to forgive her assailant rather than call the police. Illinois megachurch pastor Bill Hybels similarly retired early after several women said he’d dispensed lewd comments, unwanted kisses, and invitations to hotel rooms.


650+ Crores in Donation Every Year: Are we Bribing God?

The richest temples on the Earth, Tirumala Tirupati Venkateswara Temple, Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Shirdi Saibaba Shrine and many similar others receive an annual donation of up to 650+ crores each, every year.

Is this the path to God? Or are we all victims of a mammoth nexus, that has been looting us ever since.

The Hindu Gatekeepers: Controversial Godmen and Self-styled ‘Gurus’ in India

The likes of Asaram Bapu, Swami Nithyananda, and Sant Rampal.

  • Asaram Bapu raping minors on the pretext of giving his blessings at his lush multi-acre ashram.
  • According to India Today, a video that allegedly showed Swami Nithyananda Paramahansa and Tamil actress Ranjitha in a compromising position was aired on several channels down South. n 2012, fresh charges of rape and confinement were leveled against Swami Nithyananda and the godman went missing for five days. In the five days that the Bengaluru police launched a massive manhunt to nab the absconding godman, they stumbled upon a dump of condoms and a stash of ganja from a corner in the compound of his Dhyanapeetham ashram in Bidadi. The ashram was sealed.
  • Golden Baba, a head-turner in the annual Kanwar yatra of the Lord Shiv devotees in Haridwar every year, flaunts 20 kg of gold. This includes 21 gold chains, 21 lockets of deities, a gold jacket, rings on his fingers and a Rs 27 lakh Rolex watch.


“10 Proven Methods to Cleanse Your Soul.” : Discrete and Quick

“10 Proven Methods to Cleanse Your Soul.” Similar to “10 Proven Methods to Regularize Your Bowel Movement.” Discrete and quick. Visit temples, make lousy donations, indulge in incessant fasting, organize expensive rituals, squander more cash, feed people who are already well-fed, high on cholesterol. Religions dwell on our fears and weaknesses.


Quick Questions:

  • How does your faithful fasting help a starving man? Unless you feed him.
  • How does expensive rituals and donations help? Instead, distribute that cash amongst the real needy.
  • How does ceremonious feeding your friends and family do any good? You just contributed to their choking artery which might soon culminate into a fatal cardiac arrest. Instead, look around. There are hundreds who sleep empty stomach.

The foundation of every religion seems to be crumbling with hypocrisy and treachery. While humanity bleeds to death, we depend on religions and its fraudulent gatekeepers to lead us to God? Where’s the faith? Where’s the holiness?

You don’t need a religion to find God. What you need is Humanity.



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  1. Yes. The mass hysteria around religions, rituals, donations, etc is so superficial. Designed to extract money that eventually goes into the pockets. “Serving humanity to attain salvation” is a myth.

  2. Exactly. I never liked the idea of milk or anything being wasted for God. That doesn’t mean I don’t believe in God, but all I know is God won’t ask me to waste so much of milk or oil on him.

  3. Yes. Jesus, for example, followed a life of extreme sacrifice. Simplistic and selfless. Yet the pomp and show that has engulfed the religion is in such remarkable contrast.

  4. The whole issue seems to be not related to God himself but his “agents” who come in the name of Pandit, preacher, Maulvi…… and what not. The rules laid down in all religions have been distorted to suit their own interest and that is where the problem is. They have practised and introduced the concept of “give and take” whereas the fact is why would God require your money or animal? It is best to have a “direct connection” rather than using agents!

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