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What Drives You Out Of Bed Every Morning? Alarm or Passion for Work?

Imagine 3 AM on a cold winter night, while you sleep tucked into a warm and cozy bed. Pure bliss, isn’t it? But, then you gradually start feeling a strong pressure to relieve yourself. You need to pee. As the pressure mounts, you toss and turn, wishing that your bladders never existed. That’s life. Mostly unpredictable and brutal. Unless you step out of the comfort zone, face the challenges and emerge stronger, the world would perceive you as a lethargic fool who just kept snoring.

So the question is: What drives you out of bed every morning? The alarm clock or your passion?

The tinkering sound of the alarm is a realization of the work planned ahead. It reminds you – “Hey you don’t own the ship. You are just lucky enough to have a ticket. Like a hundred other passengers. So if you don’t hurry up and rush to the boarding point on time, the ship wouldn’t bother a cent to wait for you.” The alarm is a reminder, that we are part of a rate race that expects us to abide by corporate office hours, take orders, please people, outshine others and follow a conventional timetable. A regular day with regular goals.

Passion, on the other hand, is a natural trigger. When a strong passionate urge for something literally immerses you, the alarm clock is the last thing we need to race out of bed. The sub-conscious mind churns out purposes that pump a rush of adrenaline and fire up your imagination. And you find the perfect motivation of hopping out of a warm cozy bed. Yes, the day ahead would be very tiring and brimming with challenges. But heroes never fancy a boring and bland day anyways?

That’s precisely the difference followers and leaders – “Oh !! Yet another day.”  And “Oh !! This sure is MY day.”

The alarm clock reminds us of who we are. A passion reassures us of who we could be. In between struggles, competition, expectations, fights, and heartbreaks, all we need is some motivation to keep going. Passion infuses the perfect blend of hope and spirit.

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  1. Well good to hear that. Working from your home at your own convenience is a bliss.

  2. You are a lucky person. And its courage to leave behind the “convienient stereotypes” and foray into something that might be full of surprises. Yet, such challenges and surprises, comes with its fair share of thrill and fun. As you mentioned, you move from the alarm genre to the passion clan. Welcome aboard. Thanks for your thoughts.

  3. I have been part of the rat race , thankfully not anymore. No more shift work, no more abuse from fellow nursing staff and patents. No more having the fear of being followed to my car at night by some wouldbe mugger or rapiest. I wake up every day now without an alarm clock and feel blessed.

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