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The Brain Viagra

A decade back, writing (blogging to be more specific) was a burning passion. Creativity and imagination brew best in the midst of silence and calmness. It’s like Viagra for our flaccid little brain – The ‘Brain Viagra’. A creative mind literally explodes with ideas and imaginations.

The Ground realities are Diametrically Different Though

Ranting aunts, loud neighbors, honking traffic, suffocating crowds, curious bosses, constipated salaries, ecstatic economic inflation, super-hero politicians and the persistent rat-race to meet the socio-economic benchmarks.

The ‘Brain Viagra’ wasn’t working a bit and my blogging scores resembled a finely boiled egg. Well, six years back, on a scorching hot and devastatingly humid Monday morning, just when the creative juices have literally evaporated to the last ounce, this seemingly brilliant enlightenment struck me hard. ‘Commercial writing’. The internet was already flooded with a mind-boggling load of articles which were intimidatingly low on the informative quotient, research value, and freshness. I was confident of doing a way better job with such articles. And getting paid for the efforts…That’s a Win-Win!!

250+ clients, 700+ project milestones, 1000+ billable hours and pages of absolutely fascinating feedback, the last few years have been truly memorable for me and my team of writers. Considering the unimaginable vastness of the Internet, our contribution percentage might have been minuscule. But our articles must have helped some random readers who were left gasping for breath as they frantically searched the Internet, trying to dig out legitimate useful information. Cheers!!

Welcome to The Words Kraft.


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