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Why Commercial Writers Unanimously Hate The “Middleman”?

The band of commercial writers who spend hours and nights churning out word counts on a variety of niches, often complain about the “Middle-Man” who isn’t paying them enough. Like any other business domains, these “Middleman” agencies sit between the client and the writers strategically screening out each other. They survive and prosper upon a cut-money or commission while the actual writers, who breaks a daily sweat feels somewhat deprived and cheated.

Ready to Work at Dirt-Cheap Rates?

Well, here’s the other side of the story. Most project marketplaces comprise of a few million writers of various caliber, experience, niches, ratings, and rates. So, when a prospective client decides to invest dollars into a writing project, they invariably look for the top-raters. Alternatively, they might be looking for the cheapest writers. Either way, the breed of writers with no credible profile don’t stand a chance to get featured in the list of “suitable freelancers”. Even if they are willing to work at disgracefully dirt-cheap rates. This is exactly where the “middle-man” has a role to play. These are agencies with sparklingly credible portfolios with numerous successful projects, positive feedbacks, testimonials, spectacular billable hours, and multi-niche deliveries. They offer a diverse palette of domain niches that makes them suitable to pursue multiple clients across many business domains simultaneously. Without a doubt, it has taken them years or decades of struggle to build up that portfolio. In most cases, the “middle-man” had been a writer himself, working for excruciatingly low rates in exchange for favourable feedback and rating. It takes mammoth perseverance to consistently compromise on payments just to build up that strong portfolio that you see now.

Credible Clients Want Top-Rated Freelancers

So, at this point, clients wouldn’t mind shelling out a few extra dollars to hire these “middle-man” who seems very promising and consistent. Once the contract starts, these “middle-man” implements his/her quality control process and hires those new writers who had been lost in the rat race. Offering the writers a decent payout and continuous work.

I see this as a Win-Win. The client gets his “work guarantee”, the “middle-man” gets his share of cherries and the writer gets continuous work. As long as the middleman offers you a competitive rate, there no significant reason to hate him.

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  1. Yes. We shouldn’t be too focused on money and materialism. Yet, we need to figure out a way to pay the bills and keep the show going. And if this is what you do for a living, the margins and commissions do matter. While most authors find it terribly hard to turn into a celebrity writer, an intimidating majority of them rely on a primary source of income to pay off bills. However, as commercial writers, many of us do this for a living. That’s where the twist is.

  2. ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    ◇ Thank goodness I AM NOT!!! a “Commercial Writer” as I Don’t Like Being Around People Very Much especially professionals; most of Us ARE Very Much Asleep, Oblivious and Lackadaisical focussed only on money and materialism while The Awake, Aware and Alert KNOW!!! there is so much to 3DLife than money and materialism

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇


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