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Good Job-Bad Boss Vs. Bad Job-Good Boss

Smoking Won’t Give You a Heart Attack BUT a Bad Boss Will?

Dealing with life is painful enough and bad bosses are here to ruin it further. Paying your bills, EMI, and house rent is no piece of cake and on top of that enduring that arrogant piece of show-off who takes credit for all your work can give you more than just gray hairs. 

Paychecks Doesn’t Compensate For It All

If paychecks defined it all, you wouldn’t be craving for peace of mind and going on that vacation to shoo away your work stress. Would you? Your boss is in control of your professional and personal life balance. So, he matters more than you would like to admit. You just need one good boss to love your job. Maybe, he can’t make wonders happen but a little pat on the back can push you to go that extra mile.

On the other hand, a rotten manager can single-handedly make your whole existence miserable. They can leave you off-balance, grasping at straws to survive. But, yeah. Some people gamble their peace, their happiness, and their mental health for a fat paycheck. They have taken it upon themselves to make their lives a living hell. 

Bad Boss And Heart Attacks !!

Research shows, a bad boss can increase your chances of having a heart attack a hundred times more than any other addictions and underlying diseases. So unless, you want to get fast-forwarded to that day, just walk out of the door. But, realistically, quitting a job is no walk in the park. That would mean losing the source of your income temporarily. So, here’s what we believe when it comes to the job and boss scenario.

Both bad jobs and bad bosses do their level best to land you in a pickle and burn out all your potential. But, a bad or a low-paying job with a considerate boss will help you get through a bad day. He will give you a hand and encourage you when deadlines are piling up one above the other. He’s there to back you up.

Bad bosses bring with them a toxic workspace. In spite of good work condition, the toxicity around is going to fill you up with negativity and that low morale is going to eat you up from inside. Your mental health will go south no sooner. 

Good Job – Bad Boss Makes your Life 100x More Miserable

So, it’s kind of wise for you to let go of that fat paycheck and prevent toxic bosses from bullying you to depression, stress, and anxiety. Statistically, a good job with a bad boss makes your life 100x miserable than a bad job with a good boss. Employees tend to walk out of jobs with bosses who are a real pain in the neck. Instead of clinging to your bare minimum potential, you are better off without a toxic workspace. You are going to be happier, more productive, and motivated.

So, keep that head up and hustle on because life is too short to be enduring your boss leeching off your hard work and struggle. Nothing comes at the cost of your mental peace. 

So, which one would you go for? 

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  1. Yes. These jobs are an overhead that pulls you back and literally crushes your self-confidence. Yes, you stable day jobs plays a crucial role in paying off utility bills, but your passion for something else might be rewarding as well.

  2. Your post is SPOT ON! I too left a toxic workplace and boss, and I’ve never regretted it once. The money just wasn’t worth the pain and eventual health consequences. Thank you!

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