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Son!! All You Need to Score is 102%

Son, you are 2 years now. And it’s so much joy to see you grow. That’s the reason, we have always wanted to send you to the best schools in town. Apparently, you lose out on brand appeal, if you don’t go to one of these Shangri-La of divine knowledge. Schools with Wi-Fi enabled air-conditioned campuses, GPS tracking systems, iPad powered digital learning, on-campus dieticians, expensive field-trips and all that. The disproportionately obese kids stepping out of the school bus or their comfy cars, while the house-maid and nannies come running frantically to fetch their school bags. The schools with those “upper-middle-class” pampered kids. The future-shapers of our great country.

There’s a slight glitch though. Most of these schools charge a shocking lot of admission fees. Yeah!! I know, the concept of ‘money’ might be a little confusing to you right now. Simply put, ‘money’ is what gets you those candies and toffees, every day. Anyways, money isn’t exactly your concern. We just need you to score admission to these schools based on pure merit.

Do you have any idea how hard it is top these admission tests? You have already lagged behind. Kids half your age already reciting prime numbers and pointing out the strangest colors – Malachite, Gamboge Feldgrau. Can you imagine, there’s a color called ‘United Nations Blue’. Yet here you are. Still struggling with Reds and Greens. The competition is fierce. The kids these days are scoring up to 99%. So, we need to prepare you for a 102% at least. Such brilliant chaps everywhere.

Please, don’t be pissed off already. We humans absolutely love forcing ourselves in lethal comparisons and competitions. The notion of individuality is a decaying principle. You will understand when you grow up. Honestly, you aren’t a good painter, if your paintings don’t sell. You aren’t a successful author if your books aren’t making millions. The society isn’t kind to people who defy the conventionally successful. The 102% is what gets you started.

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