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Content Writing is Mostly About Frantic Internet Digging

The span and coverage of commercial writing could be bizarrely diverse.

For example, while you were conveniently on the verge of wrapping up an assignment on Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin wallets, a new project lands into your kitty. Academic blogs on Blepharoplasty. What’s that? Blepharoplasty is the surgical reconstruction of your eye-lids – Often termed as cosmetic “Eyelid Lift Surgery”. Thankfully, Google, as always, had the perfect stock of “crash-course” knowledge to quickly educate you enough.

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Well, since most clients want “experts” and “SMEs” to write for them, it isn’t technically feasible for a content writer to be an expert in every premise ranging from Bitcoins to Blepharoplasty.

In fact, a writer who typically and categorically excels in niches of “Eyelid surgery” alone, would face a mammoth challenge to keep your cash registers rolling. Because, how often do you come across writing projects dealing with Blepharoplasty or Ptosis? So, your evolution as a commercial writer largely depends on how “Expertly” versatile you are. So what actually makes you an “Expert” is your supreme ability to indulge in frantic internet digging. Extracting relevant information from the pile load of Internet crap, collating the data into a coherent structure and presenting it in the right sensible format is what we essentially do. The better your Googling abilities, the more captivating your articles are. Of course, your writing abilities and narrative style also play a crucial part.

Vague and fluff content often fails to impress customers. Commercial writing is hardly about imagination and creativity. As content writers, you are predominantly responsible for upselling a product, service or concept. Comprehensive facts and relatable information provide credibility to your content. And that helps in authoritative upselling. So before you start penning down the content, make sure you indulge in sufficient internet research.

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