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Things Not To Say To A Female Co-worker

Ever heard them mentioning the new intern as an “item”? Did she walk off with disgust or retaliate? Even if she did retaliate, did her colleagues stand up for her? Maybe they did or maybe not because they just took it as a joke. In fact, most offensive and innately sexist comments can nowadays be passed as “I was just kidding. I didn’t mean it!” Whatever the comment, it doesn’t change the fact that your colleagues could be a significant part of the problem.

Damsel In Distress? The Victim of Sexist Comments

Workplace can be a very intimidating space for women whether or not it’s male-dominated. Some cheeky comments with sexist undertones can always catch you off-guard. Some valiant men will overplay their gentleman role putting you in an unwanted damsel in distress scenario. Even some women might boost their ego by making you a butt of all jokes! 

If you belong to the female species, you are no stranger to mean comments hurled at you. 

Things Not To Say To Your Women Co-workers

Creating sensitization to workplace harassment (verbally or physically) is very important. So, how do we make it a better place for our women? Here comes the list of ‘Things Not To Say To Your Women Co-workers’. 

Pay attention or get your ass kicked by your pissed off female peers.

#1 Crossing Personal Boundaries

Some women get called “honey” or “sweetie” by their colleagues and bosses. Is that supposed to make our women feel better? No. That is sheer disrespect and a very offensive stunt one can pull.

#2 Period Jokes – “Are you PMSing?”

A commonplace sexist joke which men love shooting at women. A misogynist joke on menstrual taboo is as cliché as it can get but our men folks love it anyway! Even if it’s none of their business; they do it just for fun. No offense, ladies! 

#3 Body-Shaming

Body-shaming is a very prominent problem that women face in their workplace. Being called a “hippo” or an “elephant” or even a “matchstick” is humiliating. Getting laughed upon for your appearance is also not uncommon. Body-shaming often takes a toll on mental and physical health.

#4 Marriage Jokes

The most irritating are marriage jokes – “You are married. Why do you want promotion? Have kids and enjoy life”. To be told off by men on this topic is outrageous. This diminishes the potential of a woman to manage both personal and professional life. 

#5. Seemingly Nice Comments

Comments like “You are not like other girls” or “You are not just a pretty face” can sound like a compliment at first. But, that’s just a sexist way of showing that women can’t be both pretty and intelligent.

#6. The #MeToo Haters

Twice every social media post, you will come across the holy gang of #NotAllMen coming up with “Are you one of those feminists?” comment whenever they feel threatened by women speaking up against workplace harassments. Don’t do this to your female co-worker when you don’t have the slightest experience of what it feels to get harassed. 

Let’s face it, even after lots of awareness, people still love to indulge in smutty humor of this kind. Most women don’t find sexist jokes cracked by men as remotely funny.

So, whenever you try to make a “harmless” little comment on your female colleague, check your privilege. Stop depending on the narrative set by your male friends. It is high time we change the way we think rather than telling our women to speak up and protest. 

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  1. I think men feel threatened by women in the workplace, especially in the unlikely event she is above him in status and pay grade. They think their superior physical strength makes them superior, but…

  2. Well, I really hope it does. The world needs more compassion and respect. Most countries are in a dire state because the fundamental principles they hold are so biased and judgemental.

  3. I am glad you liked it. Sexist males still exist in many workplaces. They might look apparently fine and sporty. But put them in a tricky spot and see how toxic they could be.

  4. The world needs to hear this!! Because some people don’t even know how offensive they’re being, so thanks for sharing it on behalf of everyone.❤️

  5. I have never had any trouble with my female colleagues. I usually stick to professional matters. Occasional jokes are taken. I guess it’s about our intention… The heart has to be in the right place.

  6. Indeed. What’s worse is that some folks are completely aware of the impact and still use sexist humor to amuse themselves.

  7. Poeple often joke around completely unaware of the impact they are making on someone’s mind. It’s high time poeple understand that insulting or making uncomfortable comments is not a joke.

  8. 💜 YOU!!! said “Period” He, He, He Says He 😂🤣😅😆😁😄😃😀🙂 Boys Don’t Understand but YOU!!! Do; so, Thank YOU!!!!

  9. I spent twenty years in the Army as an Intelligence Analyst for the Countries in the Horn of Africa, and one of the most important things to remember was to look forward with our intelligence because rearward intelligence has no value. We always looked 5 deep and 360 degrees. I say this because this sensitivity at work will have consequences. No, I am not disagreeing with you, not by a long shot. Women deserve respect wherever they are. What I am saying is this: Eventually the workplace will be afraid to hire women. Period. It is impossible for a large work environment to be clean, and rather than risk something coming back YEARS later that is impossible to defend, they will just avoid it by not welcoming the possibility into the workplace. This sucks, because there are many women that can make great contributions to any work environment, but the leadership will weigh that against the long term possibilities of lawsuits.

  10. 💜 Hmmm; here ARE Three Random Things from a Boy Bullied by a Girl in The WorkPlace:

    1 I noticed a Girl in The Office had leaked her period in to her pants and was too scared to say anything for fear of being accused of Sexual Harassment

    2 I was bullied by a Girl Boss and got her fired by her Girl Boss because I resigned

    3 I was divorced by a Girl who had multiple orgasms then sought said orgasms elsewhere

    …fortunately I have worked, am working and will work with Wonder Women; these ARE The Ladies who SEEK (Share Emote Evolve Kindly) Solutions instead of Complaining about Problems like an Awesome HR Manager who said to Me, as I Was Being UnFairly DisMissed (for which I Got Ample Compensation), “Don’t worry; you have no idea how much influence you have.” and Shortly After she resigned…in Summary Ladies, if YOU!!! ARE NOT!!! Standing Up for YOURSELF!!! in The “WorkPlace” who is; and if YOU!!! Don’t Like It why NOT!!! Do SomeThing about It or Quit for a Better Job while Continuing Campaigning for Gender Equity, Equal Opportunities and an End To ALL Harassment and Bullying in The “WorkPlace” as Girls can behave just as badly as Boys, NOT!!! So 🤔 ?…


  11. So many are so unaware that their joke, is not a joke. Then the passive aggressive ones are even worse. Gender doesn’t matter, cruel is cruel.

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